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Prayer T-Shirt

Change Your Community Through the Powerful Act of Prayer with this Prayer T-Shirt!



Many of us say we struggle with praying out loud- we may just need practice! Use this shirt to encourage people to ask you for prayer, and see where the Holy Spirit leads you! 

(50% of proceeds go to the Whisper Gathering, a global prayer retreat to help women hear the still small voice of God. Learn more about the Whisper Gathering here.)

I remember the first time someone stopped me in the store and asked for prayer. It was on a day that I was not in the mood. I remembered the promise on the back of the shirt though, so I stopped and prayed with this woman. With tears running down her face, she hugged me and said “God planned for you to be in this store today so I could hear that prayer.”

This is just the beginning. Imagine if there were all of us, all over the country, or even the world, wearing this shirt. Imagine all the stories! Let’s share the gift of prayer with this shirt. Be bold in prayer!


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