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Cathy McIntosh

Most of us struggle to hold onto joy when life gets hard. Cathy McIntosh is passionate about helping you nourish your spirit and pursue your calling so inner joy becomes unshakable, no matter what.  Read more from Cathy at www.cathymcintosh.com.

I’ll admit I’ve struggled sometimes to feel God’s presence or discern His activity. During times of heartache in marriage, job loss, and broken relationships (among others), I’ve felt like I prayed my heart out but saw few visible results. I’ve wondered why God hasn’t stepped in to situations that I know He can fix. If …

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Ever wondered how to organize your prayer life? By: Cathy McIntosh Contributing Writer CathyMcIntosh.com My wait was over. I finally felt the Lord’s nod to take a deeper step into a ministry project that I’d daydreamed about for years. As I moved forward, how could I have known I’d encounter valuable lessons to prompt me …

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We didn’t see it coming. All at once we were snatched from comfortable routines, woken from dreams for the future, and separated from loved ones. We find ourselves now in isolation, reading headlines that spur fear and anxiety. The illness that plagued other nations has invaded our hometowns, our hospitals, our places of work. For …

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