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Exploring life lessons from the Bible, and how these life lessons can change our focus in life from earthly matters to heavenly matters.

Some days, when I find myself in moments of reflection and contemplation, I can’t help but to sign and say something like, “Man, I wish I knew how to pray like Daniel.”   The story of Daniel, a remarkable person of biblical history, resonates with those who aspire for wisdom, honor, and above everything else …

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4 Lesser Known Bible Characters that Have Something to Teach Us The pages of scripture are full of Bible stories that are awe-inspiring and miraculous.  Some have become more popular than others while many Bible characters have fallen through the cracks.  Come with me and let’s explore some lesser-known Bible characters and hear their message …

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As I was compiling these stories of compassion in the Bible I was overcome with the beauty of the God we serve.  A holy and all-powerful God reaches down to His creation with a love and compassion that is incomparable.    I pray that you are also moved to worship and praise the great I …

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