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How to Pray Like Daniel In 10 Easy Steps

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Daniel was a man of wisdom, of honor, and most importantly he was a man of prayer. Daniel “set his mind to gain knowledge” through prayer and the Lord heard his words and helped him.

We need to be men and women of prayer. An easy way to do that is to pray like Daniel. I am going to show you how to pray like Daniel did so that you can cultivate your own prayer life.

how to pray like Daniel

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How To Pray Like Daniel

1. Decide To Pray

A life of prayer comes about by making the decision to spend time in prayer. Daniel purposed in his heart to obey the Lord in everything he did and that included spending time in prayer. We must make the decision to spend time in prayer.

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2. Make a Schedule

Daniel prayed to God three times a day every day (Daniel 6:10). As a blogger and a full time social worker, I understand that life gets busy.

It doesn’t matter how busy life gets, we need to make sure we carve out time to pray. If it helps you to remember, you can schedule out specific times to pray during the day.

3. Be Consistent

Sometimes I make a schedule only to let it sit on my nightstand and gather dust. Can you relate to that?

Making a schedule is nice but we must follow through with it. Like Daniel, we need to be consistent in our prayer life.

Don’t start off doing well in prayer only to lose motivation in the end. Keep praying until you see God move and then pray to thank him for working everything out.

4. Know Your Identity

When Daniel was taken into exile, the king tried to change his identity by giving him a new name.

Daniel knew that God had created him and set him apart. He knew that his identity was not in the ways of the Babylonian gods but in who Jehovah made him to be.

We need to know who we are and what we were made for like Daniel did. If we know our identity, we can pray with power.

5. Stand Firm In The Faith

The devil does not like it when we start to get closer to God. He will use every attack he can to try to keep us from praying because when we pray, we receive power from God.

When the enemy realized that God had favor on Daniel because of his life of prayer, he used men to try to attack his prayer life. Daniel was told that if he did not stop praying, he would be thrown into a den of lions.

However, Daniel stood firm in the faith even in the midst of fear and God brought him out.

6. Look to Jesus

The Bible encourages us to “look to Jesus” who is the “author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). When Daniel prayed, he would open his window and look to the East which many believe will be the direction Christ comes from.

If we look to God, he will hear our words, and he will help us out of any situation we face just as he helped Daniel out of the lion’s den.

7. Be Humble

The Bible says that since the first day of being held captive in a new land, Daniel set his mind to “gain understanding”. He also humbled himself before God (Daniel 10:12).

When the King offered to give Daniel gifts if he could interpret his dream, Daniel declined. He said he would do it just so God could get the glory (see Daniel 5:17).

God’s word promises us that if we humble ourselves before God and resist the devil, he will flee from us (James 4:7). Stay humble in prayer knowing that if you receive an answer, it is from God and not because of how well you prayed.

8. Confess Your Sins

Daniel took the time to confess his sins and the sins of his people (see Daniel 9). The Bible encourages all those who follow the Lord to “confess their faults to each other” and to “pray for one another that you may be healed” because God hears and answers the prayers of the righteous (see James 5:16).

The Bible says that if we “confess with our mouth” that Jesus is Lord then he will forgive us (see Romans 10:9). When you are praying, take the time to confess your sins. Confess both those you know about and those you may not.

Take the time to pray for your country too. If you humble yourself and pray for your country, God will heal it (see 2 Chronicles 7:14). No matter where you lean in politics, make sure you also cover your leaders in prayer as well.

9. Pray Without Ceasing

The Bible talks about a woman who cried out to a judge who didn’t respect God or anyone else for that matter.  This woman would cry out to the judge night and day begging him to give her justice against her enemy. 

For a while, the judge was able to refuse to do anything but eventually he became so annoyed, he decided to give her the justice she deserved before she attacked him.  You can read the story in Luke Chapter 18:1-8. 

The Bible says that if this evil man who hated God and other people could do this thing for her, how much more could the Lord who loves us do if only we will pray to him. 

We must pray without ceasing and make our requests known to God.  It may seem like God is not answering our prayers but it may just be delayed for a time. 

10. Pray Believing

Jesus said that “all things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23). In Matthew 17:20 he says that if we speak to a mountain with mustard seed size of faith it will be moved.

Have you seen how small a mustard seed is?! If you haven’t, look it up. It makes this scripture all the more impressive!

He says that “whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith”. (Matthew 21:22). Whenever we pray, we need to pray believing that God is hearing us and that he will answer.

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Can You Learn How to Pray Like Daniel?

Prayer is an integral part of our Christian walk with God. I have a confession to make to all of you. Too many times I pray out of obligation rather than out of a desire to share my concerns, get to know my father’s heart, and out of an act of worship to a King who died to save me.

We need to strive to remember how important prayer is and how privileged we are to be able to pray to our Creator.

Daniel prayed with power, with victory, and with results. We need to learn how to pray like Daniel did so that we can cultivate a flourishing prayer life. Remember, prayer is your life-line to Jesus.

The Bible says that God is the vine and we are the branches. If we spend time with him, others will be able to see it (see John 15:5).

How do you cultivate a life of prayer? What prayer strategies work best for you? Let me know!

Do you have something that you struggle with when it comes to prayer? You are not alone. I’d love to hear what your biggest struggle is when it comes to cultivating a life of prayer.

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  1. Hello….I have difficulty praying; I am halting, stumbling and extremely unsure, worrying that I’m not talking to God in the right way or using the right words and therefore, He won’t listen to or hear my prayers. I use other peoples’ prayers I find online but worry that He only hears my prayers as “vain repetitions. ???

    1. Hi Gabrielle, I want to first give you so much credit for working on praying even though it is difficult at the moment. This is the time when many people walk away, and as a result lose what is about to become an amazing, personal relationship with God. I want you to know that God is always ready to listen. He is so excited to hear from you, what you have to say, and He is even more excited to respond in ways that only God can. God will ALWAYS listen. That is the best thing about a personal relationship with Him. Just as you typed to me, you can talk to God the same way. No perfect words are necessary. That is great that you have looked up other prayers- maybe you could try praying parts of scripture, or just taking some time to still yourself and allowing God to speak to you? Please keep us posted or email hello@praywithconfidence.com so we can chat further, you are never alone!

      1. Hello, Gabrielle.
        I would like to share with you a word of encouragement. God does not care how you pray. When you talk to your best friend, are you mad that they are talking to you? Do you stop listening if the say a wrong word? If they don’t speak just right do you suddenly walk away? The same way you will not stop listening to a friend simply because she stumbles, God will not stop hearing you. Dear one, he longs just to hear you. Not a perfect made up person who can read a prayer and recite it eloquently but you as you are. Stumbling, shaking, stuttering, and all. As for whether or not he sees your prayers as “vain reputations” it depends on the heart. The Pharisees recited prayers in the street just to be praised by men. However; there was a woman who begged a mean judge night and day to give her justice and finally, he heard her plea and he answered. God said if the judge finally answered after this woman continually begged, how much more should we keep asking God for our needs? If your heart is in the right place, he will not see your prayers as “vain repetitions”. He longs to hear from you just talk to him as you would a friend because he is, after all, your friend.

    2. Hi my name is Janet please pray with me for this tumor on my right kidney also high blood too many life threatening in me thanks

      1. Jesus the great Physician shall heal you of all your infirmities in the name of Jesus .
        The God of all flesh in whom nothing is too difficult for shall intervene and give you divine health beyond human comprehension in the name of Jesus ,
        He healed Hezekiah , the bent woman of 18 years and the woman with the issue of blood , you shall be divinely visited in the name of Jesus Amen

  2. I can relate to creating a praying schedule which is left to gather dust 😀. I find this post very helpful because I am about to start the book of Daniel in my Bible study and this post has really given a great explanation of Daniel’s prayer life.
    Daniel prayed with power, with victory, and with results (I love that). That is my desire, more like: Hannah prayed with power, with victory and with results- I think I should print this and post on my wall.

    1. How timing it is that you are about to study Daniel! I cannot image what my life would be like if I could learn how to pray like Daniel!

    2. Hey, girl! Daniel is one of my FAVORITE books of the Bible. I love to study the life of Daniel. I love the idea of printing that for your wall. Isn’t it amazing how when we make the word of God personal, we see results in our lives? The Lord is faithful. God bless.

  3. I have being studying Daniel for some time now and it’s an amazing book and I am tryIng to make my prayer life more meaningful like him but having problems with the timing but am getting there. Thanks for the guidance.May God continue blessing you.

  4. Interesting, thank you. Is there a specific prayer od Daniels regarding abundance and positive outcomes hoped for?

  5. How can I pray the more, spend hours in the place of prayer….at times I sleep over and couldn’t wake up at night…


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