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Prayers for Wedding Anniversaries

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Prayer for a wedding anniversary is not always something that springs to mind. Sure, we will usually celebrate our wedding anniversary, or even another couple’s anniversary, but how often do we intentionally pray for those days?


God’s people have often marked special days with prayer and thanksgiving. Our wedding anniversaries, some of our greatest gifts, are definitely something to celebrate and pray over. 

Prayers for Wedding Anniversaries (By Category)

Prayers After the Wedding

Oftentimes weddings are prayed over. From the design of God bringing the couple together, to the planning and execution of the big event, but what about the marriage and anniversaries? 


Couples are sent best wishes and kind words for the coming years. They are wished a special day with many happy years of marriage, blessings of the Lord, times of joy, years of happiness, good health, years of love, and good times to come. Long life and more joy with each passing year.


But, from the wedding day to the first anniversary, to a 50th anniversary or beyond, through good times and bad, we should lift these days up in prayer. It is easy to take years of marriage for granted, but they are truly a gift from the Lord. 


Here are some ideas for some special prayers for anniversaries to help get you started.


Prayer For A First Wedding Anniversary

Dear Heavenly Father,

We stop on our wedding anniversary to thank you so much for this first year together. We are learning a lot about ourselves and each other this past year. We are stretching and growing in a way that can only be in this testimony of love.


Guide us with Your Holy Spirit in the years to come. Open our eyes to the ministry opportunities you bring into our lives. Use our lives in a powerful way for the glory of Your Kingdom.


Continue to stretch and grow us, closer to You first, and second to one another. Continue your wonderful work and strengthen our bond of love in marriage.


We know that we will face good times and bad in our married life, I pray that you will guide us through sheer joy and the difficult times as well. The special occasions and the everyday moments that make life special.


May our foundation always be built securely on You and your word. We know that if You are our firm foundation we will not be shaken or moved.


In the holy name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.


Prayers For Our Wedding Anniversary

Dear Father,

Thank You for Your gift of marriage. Thank You for the good times, and the bad times. The ups and the downs of married life. For richer or poorer, for better or for worse, keep growing us together.


Let us always cherish the gift you have given us, this beautiful relationship. Help us in the coming years to continue to pursue one another.


Keep our vows to one another, as well as your instructions for godly living, fresh in our minds each day.  Keep our love for one another as strong as it was on the first day of our wedding day. Keep our love pure, Lord. 


Help us to see the best in one another, Lord. Help us embody love according to 1 Corinthians 13  in our marriage. Help us to build one another up with our Words as Ephesians 4:29 instructs. Help us sharpen one another as Proverbs says. 


Let us truly be good listeners to one another. Really hearing and understanding one another. Give us the words we need to clearly communicate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings.


In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray, Amen.


Prayers For A Friend’s Wedding Anniversary

O Lord, 


I thank you for the marriage of __________and _________. I pray that you will continue to use their marriage for great things. Help them use the gifts you have given them, both as individuals and as a married couple. Help them do great things for your kingdom.


I pray that you would bless their wedding anniversary and the coming years with growth, a long life of love, help them be good listeners to one another in this journey of marriage.  To have excellent communication. 


Guide them with the light of your Word. Let them have a continued happy marriage. Help them through any hard times.


 In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.


Anniversary Prayers After Hard Times

Almighty God, 

 You have brought us through the storms of the last year. Thank you for the growth that happens in the valleys. Sorrow has lasted the night and joy has come in the morning. Each day your mercies are new. 


 This past year has been hard. There have been some bad times. You never promised life, even married life, would be easy, but that you would be with us through it. Thank You for keeping your word. 


I pray that the coming years will bring happy times, times of joy. That there would be many happy years ahead. May we look back on happy memories on our 25th wedding anniversary, or even our 50th anniversary. 


 In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. 


Prayers for A Difficult Anniversary

Dear God, 

 I pray that you would use these hard times to help us grow closer to you and one another. Use them for Your glory O Lord. 


Help us through this storm. Guide us in the coming days with your Holy Spirit. Let us walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Guard our minds and help us think the best of one another. Guard our tongues and let us speak life to one another. 


We cast our care on you because you said in your word that you care for us. You see each tear that is cried and put them in your book.  Thank you for seeing us and caring for us. 


This is a hard anniversary for us Lord because ____. Help us get this time. Help us process our emotions and/or trauma in a healthy way. Give us wisdom in what tools we will need to utilize. We want this to be used to minister to others and help them out of this situation. 


We know that you see the big picture while we only see a small part. Your Word says that you work all things out for the good of those who love you and are called by your purpose.  Help us trust You more and more, knowing that you are faithful to complete the work You started.


In the precious name of  Your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

What Is a Powerful Prayer For A Wedding Anniversary?

Almighty Father, I thank you for the wonderful work of your hands that is the marriage covenant. For the plan that you have for each of us. We offer this special prayer on this joyous occasion as we celebrate this anniversary day.


I pray that through this journey of marriage that you will continue to be the center of our marriage. That we would continue to seek You and Your will for our lives, marriage, and family. 


In this world of brokenness, of abuse, of sin, let our marriage shine for you, a beacon in the darkness. Showing the world what Your design for marriage looks like. Use us in a great way, O Lord. 


Help us remember that Your Word says that a cord of three strands is not easily broken, and we are but two in need of You and Your strengthening bond. Keep us centered on You and Your Word. 


Help us be ready in season and out of season to give an answer for the hope that we have in You. Let our conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt. Let us make the most of each opportunity that you give us to minister to those in any type of need. 


Guide us. Grow us. Through times of joy and times of sorrow, may we ever trust you.

In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen

A Special Prayer For Marriages

O, Lord, Marriages are under attack on many fronts these dark days. We have an enemy who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy and one of his biggest targets is families. Marriage is not always seen as a good thing in our world today. 


Strengthen marriages, O God. In a world that tells us that love is something that we can fall out of and to do what makes us happy, help us remember that your design is one man and one woman for life.


I pray that you would give discernment to those in hard relationships as to how to handle them and when it is just hard or if it is abusive. We know that abuse of any sort is abhorrent in your sight and that people are more important to you than institutions. 


Help spouses in marriages set safe boundaries for the hard relationships. Please help those in abusive relationships know when and how to step back and seek help. Keep these dear ones safe.


I pray that you would break the hold the enemy has on spouses in marriage. Addictions and abuse are the biggest that come to mind. Help spouses truly seek you with all that they are. 


In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


Wrapping It Up

Prayer is important for every area of our lives. Prayer for a day that we remember our vows to one another is no exception. 


Taking even a few moments to thank the Lord and pray over our marriages intentionally can make a huge difference in our perspective.


Married life can be hard at times, and prayer shifts our focus from us or our circumstances, to the One who holds us in His hands and is worthy of our praise in any situation.


A Special Note

I did mention abuse in one of the prayers above but, please note that these prayers are from the context of a healthy marriage or a difficult one, not abusive in any way (physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial). 


If you do find yourself in a marriage that is abusive and not just hard, please seek help from a licensed Christian therapist with abuse and trauma training. Unfortunately many pastors and lay leaders in churches are not equipped to safely help with these situations. If you are currently experiencing domestic violence and are residing in the US, please visit the Domestic Violence Hotline. Another helpful place to start is Therapy for Christians.


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