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Emily Davies is a Christian writer who is just juggling life in a way that hopefully points heavenward. Wife to one very handsome chap, mum to two absolute champions and a girl who wears many, many hats. She lives in the south east of England, works for a missions organisation and blogs at www.loveemily.co.uk

What does the Bible say about praying before a meal? I used to think that ‘saying grace’, or praying before a meal, was a bit of a ritual – a token gesture, a nod to God, a mindless platitude that good Christian families would do because it was ‘the right thing’ and not because they …

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Fight Impostor Syndrome With A Prayer For Confidence At Work! Have you ever experienced impostor syndrome at work? You’re qualified, experienced and competent, maybe even an expert in your field, but you feel like you don’t belong in your place of work, ministry or position of authority? That’s me. All. The. Time. Note: Some of …

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