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Jennifer Elwood resides in Yakima, Washington and hosts the Refuge Podcast and Bible Study Community where women cultivate their faith in the shelter of God’s Word. She is a lover of Jesus, wife of Tom, mom of three, and bonus mom and grandma. She enjoys rich coffee, European chocolate, and the color orange. Going to Israel for the first time in 2015 sparked her desire to write and she has not stopped since. Counting Up to Christmas: Twenty-Four Gifts from the Gospel of Luke is her first book. She also contributed to Mommy and Me: Cooking with Jesus as a writer and editor. Stay up to date with her at www.jenniferelwood.com and check out her biblical culture insights (and cute pics of her kids) @jenniferelwoodauthor on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are looking for a prayer for transformation, try the story of Zacchaeus. We end with a personal prayer for transformation! Years ago, when our car meandered up the driveway to our new home, a stately tree with massive branches providing ample shade came into view. I asked what kind of tree it was …

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No matter what type of travel you’re about to experience, make sure to bring these travel prayers with you! That moment on the runway when you know the surge forward of the airplane is coming exhilarates me every time. The gut punch of speed and feeling of semi-floating upon liftoff sends my spirits soaring as …

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