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Mary B. Grimm is a recovering bipolar person. She has faced down her demons and continues to do so, with the help of God’s Word and its influence in her life. As a wife, mother of three, teacher, and writer she conveys information from a refreshing perspective about bipolar disorder, alcoholism, diabetes management, and various issues stemming from traumatic experiences throughout her life. For more information contact her at mbgrimm@morethanwishing.org.

Praying the Psalms- Is This the Next Step in Your Prayer Life? The Psalms are so much more than nice poems written by long dead people. God inspired them to give us prayers to pray to Him. They tell us exactly what to pray – what He wants to hear from us. Amazing things happen …

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Looking for a lovely Thanksgiving prayer for friends this year? I have a lot to fuel prayers of thanksgiving for friends. I feel God has brought friends into (and out of) my life at just the right moments. In thinking about a topic for this article, I asked myself: “What are some Biblical examples for …

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First, let me say, “You can pray if you can talk or think.” Not getting started on prayer may happen if people are asking the question, “Why?” Many people think there’s some big formula for praying. Others think prayer is not necessary because God already knows what we need. Some feel the need to pray …

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