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Rachael writes at https://healinghome.co and writes to inspire mama's to pursue Jesus and find beauty, loveliness, healing, health, and inspiration along their own unique journey of creating home.

She is married to a country boy and they live in the country of Minnesota with their dog and two rambunctious little boys.
You can find more about Rachael over on her Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/healing_home_/

I like my stuff, don’t you? Material possessions go beyond the basic ‘toys’ that we think of. I love the 40 acres of land that we live on. The opportunities that it offers goes beyond my imagination. I cannot wait for my children to grow up on this land, explore, build, and nurture it. Truthfully …

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Looking for a prayer for happiness to change your life? I had a different intro in mind for this article. I wanted to talk about how a prayer for happiness can profoundly change our lives when it is a prayer that is rooted in glorifying God. But then something changed. Yesterday, I watched as the …

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