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Tinashe is a 30-something year old child of God, saved by His grace yet prone to wander and leave the God she loves. Her daily goal is to remain in God and abide by His word in the Holy Bible. She is married to her high school sweetheart for close to a decade now and has 2 sweet daughters who they adore.

Her desire is to point women to the only person who can fill their deepest longing for real love, joy and peace and that is Jesus Christ. He has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us and we can rest and be secure in His promise. Learn more at https://www.ourgodiswithus.com.

If you want to pray a prayer of protection, Psalm 91 may be your best bet. The power of Psalms as a book written by David, Moses, and other authors, lies in the fact that it’s honest, poetic, and creatively written. One of the most popular chapters in this book is Psalm 91. But what …

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6 Popular Prayer myths we need to ditch By: Tanishe Jaricha Contributing Writer Our God Is With Us   “If you’re not praying while walking around with a loud voice, then you haven’t started praying yet”. These shocking words were expressed by a church leader during a prayer session in a church I used to …

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