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100 Things to Pray For Today

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100 Things To Pray For Today

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Have you felt like you simply don’t know what to pray for? 

Even though you have a never-ending list of prayer requests.

Or perhaps you are feeling low on inspiration? 

And this can sometimes spin you to a place where you need a little encouragement from time to time. If today is that day where you are in need of inspiration to pray, then you have come to the right place!

Open God’s word – the life manual to run after life with. Even if you feel depleted or a bit jaded. The lock-down has had varying effects on people. Some have coped fairly well, others have struggled and sadly many have fallen apart. Emotions are part of our makeup. That is intentionally how God created us. But sometimes, when our emotions get the better of us we can find it tough to pray.

Today I hope to spark your creativity. To pray through each thought, you think through today. Self-reflection helps you realise you have more to be blessed about than stressed about! So, let’s begin our day!

100 things to pray for

100 Things to Pray For Throughout Your Day!

1)      As you awake and begin your day, mentally picture what your plans are for the day, then commit them to God.

2)      Open your Bible or prayer app and spend a few moments meditating on one scripture to catapult you with courage as you get ready to brace the day.

3)      While in the shower or getting dressed or doing your hair or makeup – quietly or aloud tell God what you expect today to look like with your schedule. You don’t have to know all the things to pray for yet.

4)      Then pause and allow God to speak to you as praise and thank him for his faithfulness and mercies for a brand-new day.

5)      As you make your morning cuppa or coffee, pick up your journal, it’s such an amazing tool to carry alongside you in your daily encounters and simply jot those moments that soon fade. In time you can look back and recall the interesting journey of those special encounters you captured. So, let’s get started. 

6)      Jot down the first thing that comes to mind that you would like to pray for. It could be a family member is ill. Or you are worried about the pandemic and the future, or you struggling to see how today can get any better.

7)      Whether you start your day with breakfast or choose to fast, take a minute to write down one problem you are faced with and then figure a solution for the day ahead.

8)      For those who may not have had the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or breakfast. Think about that person, as you wash your cup and know that someone might not even have a cup to fill.

9)      Consciously come to God and ask him to build you with boldness to start your own prayer memoir, and make a commitment for the next 100 days to record everything that comes to mind – in creating your personalised list of things to pray for. 

Today, after all, is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Billy Graham Click to Tweet

10)   I strongly believe, God is calling you to be brave. As we face terrifying and unknown times, we have His power that makes us strong. Begin a list for your family circumstances, or your work situation or maybe community issues.

11)   If you heading out the door and driving to work, turn on your favourite worship song, listen to the words and ask God to speak positivity into your day.

12)   Or listen to the audio version of the Bible. When you turn to God’s word He brings His revelation and we find that we can begin in His presence where our anxieties disappear. 

13)   Don’t be anxious or worried about anything, bring all situations and problems to God first.

14)   Keep a track of your prayer life, as you focus your mind and meditate on God’s word. On your phone, a hard journal or electronic version. Learn how to create a prayer journal here, or look at this different type of prayer journal!

100 things to pray for

15)   Gather the patience and pluck up the nerve to ask God, because ‘Heaven’s storehouse’ is filled with answers! 

16)    Never give up as you seek new ways to cope with daily demands even when you don’t feel like praying! Just pray because this is when you are walking in faith.

17)   We all face mundane moments when we sit at our desk, or maybe you are always on the go in your vocation, when suddenly your mind might go blank and the distractions of life can overwhelm you.

18)   Pray for peace in your own thoughts and emotions, then turn your thoughts to those around you – friends and family.

19)   Reflect on the world, where hatred and discrimination is tearing communities and leading to injustices.

20)   Pray for the leaders that you might directly contact today, perhaps they don’t know God.

21)   And clients, or customers – as you speak or listen to what they have to say.

22)   In your lunch break, plan a prayer date with someone else who you know you can pray for. It can be virtual and at the same time you both sitting down to your lunch. You could be praying for all the issues she or he is facing, while they do the same for you.

23)   This could be a time to connect more with people, send a text and even if they don’t reply, pray for that person.

24)   Pray for your church leaders.

things to pray for

25)   When you washing up the coffee mugs of colleagues or visitors at work, pray and thank God you had a moment to enjoy a coffee while working with that person.

26)   If your thoughts wander, ask God to recollect your thinking and remind you of what should be on your prayer priority list.

27)   We have so much time to go through apps on our phone, but what if we went through all our social media and prayed for those who we connect with in our Facebook groups and Instagram engagements.

28)   Never neglect the time to simply worship and adore God for who He is and what He has done to bring you to this point in your life!

29)   We all can use the alphabet prayer when we think there is nothing we have to pray about. Before long, you can think of an endless list. The same can be done for praise.

30)   As you enjoy your lunch, remember the many who may be hungry right now, pray for them.

Want even more than 100 things to pray for? Pray With Confidence has made a 365-day Prayer Calendar. You can keep it digital, set it as your computer background, print it out, and more!

31)   If you feel hopeless, consider how much hope you have in knowing and having a personal relationship with God and pray for those who have no idea how this feels. That they might find this hope.

32)   Make a list of all the people you think of that are in need.

33)   Make a list of those you know who are in a leadership role.

34)   Make a list of strangers or friends that might need help but you cannot reach them.

35)   Do you have a tricky conversation you cannot postpone? Pray about it.

36)   A meeting that leaves your stomach in knots, for God’s peace and guidance.

37)   Quietly repeat the words of your favourite worship song of bible verse for today, while you on the run in between tasks or chores.

38)   Let go of negative emotions you feel as you trek through the day.

39)   People who come to you with all their problems.

God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with. Billy Graham Click to Tweet

40)   People who criticise or are cynical towards you.

41)   If you a manager or team leader, you can relate to dealing with conflicting matters.

42)   If you are a busy woman juggling so many jobs or wearing numerous hats and shifting from one to the other can be tiresome.

43)   Some fun ideas you could incorporate include the teaspoon prayer. A great prop to use in your everyday prayer. As you stir your tea or coffee. Thank you, Sorry and Please. Or as you end your day fill three jars or envelopes with things you are thankful for, sorry for and ask God for.

44)   Make your own prayer tree, by placing branches in a vase and cutting out leave shapes and then write your requests to remind you what to pray for. Make it as colourful or sparkly as you like.

45)   I may not be a child anymore, but I still love blowing bubbles. Get a bubble blowing tub or tube and every time you blow a bubble, think of all the children in your family and friend circles, then pray for them.

46)   Pray for your parents.

47)   Pray for God’s purpose in your life to be sharpened and fine-tuned.

48)   Pray for God to embed His desires into your heart.

49)   Adversity knocks us all, but in those times, ask God to help you discover that pain and pruning are for development of your growth and character.

50)   Pray for God to grant you talents that you can share with others to inspire them. What you do is never a mistake! You are unique and wonderfully made.

51)   When you feel moments of sadness or sorrow, ask God to use those sufferings and trials to bring richer meaning to the simple things in your life and find pleasure in what you may think is commonplace.

52)   Your past, because nothing that has ever happened is beyond the reach of a God who can and will redeem everything!

53)   The godly examples in your life. Beginning with the first man (dad) and woman (mum) who influenced and taught you to become a steward in your life, talents and ministry.

54)   Your hobbies that allow you to interact with other people that may never go to church but have you as a shining light and testimony in their lives.

55)   Those small wins you overlook today, that might have been a huge thing that made someone else’s day.

56)   Your smile that can brighten someone’s dreary mood today.

57)   Your listening ear that can change someone’s gloomy outlook to sunshine.

58)   The fact that I had to queue today and maintain the social distancing measures because this is teaching me patience.

59)   That compliment someone paid you today, that you might have brushed aside, pray the talent prayer, that God would increase the little he has gifted you with for his glory.

60)   To forgive, because this is a choice, and no matter how hard it feels, remember you were forgiven and redeemed and that is why you have a testimony to share, you can let go of any grudge or ill feeling.

61)   The roof over my head, my comfortable home where I can multitask, relax on the sofa or spend time writing in my space or have a music studio, and so much more, while some people have lost everything to natural disasters – earthquakes, cyclones and hurricanes.

62)   My bad habits, those areas I need to improve in and simply discard

63)   To see today through the eyes of a child, with awe and curiosity and won’t as I cherish every single moment and situation

64)   The fact that I can laugh, when someone else might have nothing to smile about.

65)   My job, even if it is long hours, demanding or challenging, some people are struggling to realise how they can put the next meal on the table for their family.

66)   For my weaknesses, the strive for perfectionism is always constant in our world, but accept that we all have vulnerabilities and God can use them too.

67)   For wanting to compare myself to someone better or prettier or cleverer – ‘take my life and let it be consecrated to thee’ God!

68)   The privilege of seeing the world in colour because vision is one of the most overlooked blessing we fail to acknowledge, and for those who cannot appreciate this privilege.

69)   The opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds and countries and with varying perspectives that teach me more about the world and myself.

70)   Your favourite chapter in the bible and turn it into a prayer

reading the bible

71)   Your significant other, fiancée boyfriend husband – all those little things that you forget to say thank you for that make them so special and the reason why you want to be with them or plan to do so forever

72)   The freedom to pray, where some countries don’t have this opportunity.

73)   For the ability to be able to make choices to eat what you like, go shopping in the mall and end the day relaxing on the couch. While some countries lack freedom of human rights. 

74)   For God to multiply your resources so that you can bless others, even right now when you feel you have nothing to give but you have so much.

75)   For best friends who uplift and reprimand you with love and honesty.

76)   Read a great book by a Christian writer and then ask God to help you infuse their inspiration into your own life.

77)   For an intensification of kindness and love so that you can sprinkle it everywhere you go.

78)   For those who cannot open the tap like you and drink a glass of clean water.

79)   For those who long to have healthy locks but have no hair.

80)   For those who cannot sleep, riddled with worry, homeless or don’t have a comfortable bed.

81)   For the person in the checkout who might be having a bad day but still serves you when you go to the supermarket. 

82)   For every conversation to be filled with grace and humility, to emanate politeness always.

83)   To remember the please and thank you from everyday conversation that can be overlooked so easily.

84)   The joy of the seasons and the changes, progression and hope they bring.

85)   To count every blessing, today brings fresh mercies from God that I can pray and praise Him for.

86)   When I wash my hands and rub hand cream – ask God to use my hands to bless and further His kingdom.

87)   Pray that when I look in the mirror I see God through me. And in return, I would view others through God’s eyes even if they have faults and flaws.

88)   For this pandemic that has stricken families, for God to rekindle hopefulness in people’s hearts.

89)   For God to use me to bring His healing and power to others, through my actions and choices.

90)   For those who have had thankless jobs in this pandemic to realise that their contribution counts.

91)   The disappointed who saw 2020 as the beginning of a new decade and chapter, but have faced calamity after calamity. Maybe a wedding or something grand but God still comforts us in all our disappointments.

92)   For those who cannot speak out that might be victim to harm, for God’s protection.

93)   For the lonely and tired that simply want to give up, end their life, that God will perform a miracle and send someone into their path.

94)   For those who are ill and may not have anyone because of the measures caused by COVID19 to feel the angels ministering and God’s everlasting arms holding them.

95)   For strength to continue as the future seems so uncertain and economically we have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but we know who holds tomorrow and so we hold God’s hand.

96)   That you will be a blessing to everyone you meet and see today.

97)   As you watch the news pray for all the headline news issues.

98)   That you can go the extra mile, as you live with integrity even when no one sees or acknowledges what you do.

99)   For the salvation you have been so graciously given to share God’s redeeming grace with others.

100) The comfortable home I have to end this day resting in, that most of the world may never experience – living in make shift houses or slums.

things to pray for

When Deciding Things to Pray For, Keep This In Mind:

Praying is so much more than bringing a list of what we need and want to God. You can come up with all the things to pray for, but there is more of a process to it.

In the process, you will uncover a satisfying life. And unleash God’s power direct into your thoughts and choices. Not to mention how exciting prayer can become when you seek to know the author of your heart.

Read some of my eBooks that helped me unlock the door to God’s power through prayer for every moment and situation in my own life. Use Bible apps to help you create prayer lists and conversations with friends and most of all see this as a venture of excitement as you look forward to hearing back from God.


  • Ava James

    Ava N. James is a non-fiction author, performance coach, and motivational speaker living in the UK. She has many passions, but worship, poetry and meeting new people are her top favourites. Her best-selling prayer book ‘Prayers for My Future Husband’ is one of several publications. She trusted God with her backstory, from ashes to beauty and is now happily married. For more information about her writing and work or to connect for a chat - visit https://bit.ly/AvaNJames

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Ava James

Saturday 11th of July 2020

You welcome Jenny! So glad you found these points beneficial 🙏


Friday 10th of July 2020

Ava, You know why I love this post so much? Because, people are experiencing anxiety more than ever before and when you're anxious and overwhelmed, it's so easy to have our minds clouded and praying can be hard at times. This is such a great list that you've prepared for when it's hard to think of all the things burdening our hearts! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for doing the work on this one!

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