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August 20 Prayer

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Happy August! Are you looking for an August 20 prayer to read and reflect on? We provide a guiding Bible verse, prayer questions, and example prayer for the day below.

These all come from our August Bible Reading Plan about Overwhelming Peace, so click here for the printout so you can follow along with us!

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Bible verse for August 20

The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.” (Psalm 29:11 NLT).



Grab the August Bible Reading Plan below!


August 20 Prayer Reflection

As I sat on the seat bouncing around, I knew I had just given Grandma my last physical act of care. Sitting next to me in a wheelchair, Grandma and I were riding to her admission appointment at the nearby nursing facility. My beloved aunt, Grandma’s full-time caregiver, passed away suddenly days earlier. 


After nearly 25 years, I still remember that week as one of the busiest and craziest of my life. Most of my thoughts are a part of one long blur with lots of memories including: 


  • Planning my aunt’s funeral
  • Rotating shifts to stay with Grandma
  • Finding friends to stay with her while we attended the funeral
  • Talking to social workers to find a caring place for Grandma
  • Casseroles and desserts overflowing the space of the table, countertop, and refrigerator 


There was so much completed during such a short time.


As the van continued bumping along, I started thinking about that morning spent with my grandma. Usually unaware of her surroundings, Grandma had a moment of clarity while I was giving her a final bath at home. 


She was so happy to see me. We hugged and held hands. Joked and laughed.


And then she asked about my aunt. Somehow, I shared the bad news. We cried together and held each other. 


I then told her where she was going to live, and she said she understood and told me again how much she loved me. And then she drifted back into her distant fog. 


She seemed to be more at peace.

Although almost out of place for the difficult events we had been through, riding along now, I also felt at peace. 


And I was grateful because at the very beginning of this sad trip home while waiting in the airport, I had no idea how I was going to get through this difficult journey. I was grief-stricken, anxious, and overwhelmed. 


So I prayed for the Lord’s strength to get myself (and all of my family) through this difficult time. I also humbly asked God to provide us with His peace.


And I knew He had answered my desperate prayers.


Psalms 29:11 reads, “The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.” (NLT).


Friends, we’ll have times at the top of the mountain, and we’ll have seasons in the mountain’s valley. 


Life is not without trials. But we are not alone – even when we’re in the valley. We have the Lord and can use His strength and peace to get us through.


My friend, know the Lord sees you and cares for you always. Whether you’re in a mountaintop season, or feeling lost in the valley, He will give you the strength and peace you need to get through.


Let’s pray together:


August 20 Prayer 

Father God, you are the most loving, powerful, and almighty God. Thank you for seeing me always, but especially when I feel small and unseen. I ask you to bless my family, friends, and me with your strength as we walk through the difficult times ahead. I also humbly pray for an overwhelming sense of peace as we step forward each day trusting in you. Thank you for seeing us and not forsaking us, even amidst our toughest times. Amen.


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  • Lisa Kimrey

    Lisa Kimrey, RN, is a speaker and author of The Self-care Impact: Motivation and Inspiration for Wellness. On Mylifenurse.com, Lisa shares Scripture-based encouragement and how to best care for yourself as you serve and care for others. She has been a registered nurse for 30 years and finds joy in helping people take better care of themselves and serve the Lord in extraordinary ways. You can follow Lisa on Pinterest and Facebook

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