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Cindy is a writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She is a wife to Dave for 33 years, a mother of two grown kids who serve the Lord, one son-in-love, one daughter-in-love, 4 wonderful grandchildren and foster grandchild.  She is a full-time Information Services manager by day and a writer at night. She teaches a women’s Bible study at her church and runs the sound for worship. 

Her focus is helping dressed working women find contentment in God's plan. Her website is GodsPlanGuidedSteps or you can find her on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or Pinterest.

Have you ever prayed for your future family members?   You are more likely to pray for your current family members.   You pray for those closest to you.  Your spouse, your children, your roommate.  The extended family members who don’t currently live with you: your parents, siblings, their families, grandparents, aunts, uncles.  And the list goes …

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