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Collene is a wife and mother of three adventurous children and three crazy dogs. She loves Jesus, her family, chocolate, coffee, and sitting on the beach.
As a chronic illness warrior, she loves to encourage women with health issues to cultivate a deeper faith in the God who passionately loves them. For more inspiration and encouragement connect with her at RichFaithInPoorHealth.com.

Many times in life we need to say a prayer for clarity. We may be standing at the crossroads of a major decision. We may need God’s direction for something difficult we’re facing. Or we may just need to seek God’s guidance for our everyday lives.  God cares about all the choices we face. From …

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30 Encouraging Scriptures for Answered Prayer    Prayer isn’t just bringing a grocery list to God of your desires. It isn’t a magic formula to help you get what you want.   Prayer is meant to be a conversation with the One who loves you more than you could possibly imagine.   It’s a way to connect …

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“Help me Jesus,” I cried out as I collapsed on my bed.  The events of the evening had left me reeling. My mind raced and my heart felt bruised. As I laid there, I remembered the line from a song which said, “When you don’t know what to say, just say ‘Jesus’”.  So, I did …

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