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Darnita Young is a busy wife, mother, Vision Mentor, Blogger and Mompreneur.  Her mission is to empower busy women with the tools that will catapult their lives to the next level. Through teaching women to seek God in a practical way, she stirs up their inner ability to manifest their dream lives, the life that God has in store for them.

Darnita is passionate about sharing the love of Christ, giving practical tips to seek God in a greater way as seen on her blog www.pleadingmom.com and sharing how God honors vision through Vision Board Workshops. She is an inspiration to her family, an encourager of women, and serves on the Altar Ministry and Care Ministry at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL.

She is truly confident that prayer is the most important resource to reach God and when we seek Him diligently, we will find Him and when we find Him, we find His vision for our lives. Grab your free Busy Mom Prayer Toolkit here.

Looking For a Prayer of Adoration For Our Father? We have ten listed below. But first… Have you ever wondered if God wants you to pray to Him about Him? I know the question sounds weird right? Let me rephrase it- how much do you adore God and how often do you tell Him? (AKA- …

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