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Hi friends! I’m Alonda Tanner; an Alaska Grown author and educator, with an ever-growing love for Jesus, books, and sparkling cider. In addition, I love serving the world by creating free education and resources that inspire women to embrace their God-given identity and live purpose-driven, faith-filled lives.   I’m a firm believer that it all starts with digging into the Word. Ready to venture into a richness of the Bible? Join our Bible Study community and I’ll send you our most well-loved resources – our Bible study Highlighting Key – for free!

Do you need a prayer for anxiety?  Maybe you’re here wondering: how do I give my anxiety to God?  I remember asking that question often. Never out loud, but the question swirled around in my head for days, weeks, and months on end. If you’ve ever dealt with anxiety, you can probably relate. You want …

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A Fail-Proof Bible Highlighting Color System If you’re reading this post, I can only assume you’re wondering, how do I learn to highlight the Bible? Friend, you’re in good company. Today I’m sharing the Bible Highlighting guide we’ve been using to help over four thousand women in our community study the Bible effectively. It’s the …

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Do All Christians Have the Characteristics of A Prayer Warrior? Confession: I have always envied women with powerful prayer lives. As important as I know prayer is in our relationship with God, it’s also a discipline I really struggled to actually off the ground. I’d hear teachings about what it takes to be a prayer …

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