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75+ Fabulous Christian Blogs [2023 Edition]

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If you love Christian blogs, you need this list!

As much as I love reading the Bible, there are many days that I don’t even know where to begin. Hopefully, I am not alone in this. I am either bored by my study plans, or I am just flipping haphazardly to a place in the Bible, hoping it speaks to me.

A lot of times that works, but most of the time I need some guidance on where to begin. One way that I have solved that is by subscribing to a handle of faith blogs and letting some Christian lifestyle blogs lead me on my walk with Jesus.

Subscribing to some Christian bloggers who solely write about faith gives me inspiration and guidance. But I didn’t know just how many different categories of Christian blogs there are! Check out the table of contents below as we break down the best 100+ Christian blogs to be following going into 2023.

NOTE!!! If you see an * next to a blog post, that means they are offering a FREE OPT-IN. Who doesn’t love free Bible study/faith materials?!

100+ Christian Blogs By Category

Christian Blogs for Hope and Biblical Encouragement

#1 SandyBrannan.com

At Sandy Brannan’s blog, you will find hope and encouragement through faith in Jesus. Writing that touches the heart is what this blog is all about.

*#2 WarriorWomenBlog.com

Warrior Women Blog is a space for women to find help, hope, healing, and encouragement for daily struggles we all face. We are women courageously using Biblical principles, the power of prayer, and the Armor of God to face spiritual battles for our faith, our families, and our minds/emotions. Check out the Armor of God Scripture Cards.

#3 Tasia Armstead

Tasia Armstead aims to uplift people’s timeline and provide Christian content to combat and offset some of the garbage we allow ourselves to be fed on social media.

#4 AHeartFullOfHope.com

In this blog, Jennifer Leigh writes about the hope she has found in Jesus and encourages women to join her in seeking Him with their whole hearts.

This blog, written by Diane Snow Sambdman, shares hope and encouragement with others as God gives her. It also includes some of her life lessons about what God has done for her as well. 
This blog is about walking the journey of faith with Christ and sharing the lessons, stories of grace, truth, and encouragement He gives along the way. Free printable of Scripture Cards on Hope.
Inspiring families to try new things and live the best adventure while holding Philippians 4:13 in their hearts. Enjoy their free printouts as well.
A place where encouragement matters. Providing women with encouragement mostly centered around Bible reading and memorization. This blog offers free printables to help with memorizing God’s word and for working with children though songs.
In this German blog “Himmel in mir”, the purpose is to encourage, inspire and equip Christian women with biblical encouragement, practical tips and resources to discover the Bible, live with Christ and bring a piece of heaven from their heart into the world. Enjoy a free gratitude and prayer journal to help you spend more time with God, to strengthen your faith in him and to realize what you can be grateful for.
This blog is about what God shows you in the regular events of life. The posts encourage others in their walk of faith.
This blog allows Jessica to share what she’s learned by being in God’s word and walking through life, to encourage women to walk in faith, by keeping their eyes on Christ.
Helping women with health issues cultivate a deeper faith so they can live an abundant life with Christ. Enjoy this awesome totally FREE Resource: How to Survive and Thrive While Dealing with Health Issues.
This blog was created to share encouragement to memorize the word, and free Sunday school resources, as they are created. There is a whole page of verse printable freebies included on the site. 

Christian Lifestyle

#14 NowChooseLife.net

A blog about “choosing life” in the second half of life. Many women find themselves living in the after – after the spouse dies, the marriage ends, or after the kids leave.

#15 CassidysHeart.com

A blog about helping other women choose hope in the midst of our most difficult circumstances and equipping them in the Word.

*#16 BeckyBeresford.com

Becky is passionate about helping women embrace their truest selves in Christ and walk out the gospel fully empowered by God. She hosts the popular Brave Women Series each week and is an author, speaker, and coach. When you join her empowered email tribe, you’ll receive the weekly stories from the Brave Women Series, as well as the FREE Brave Woman Manifesto: 5 Things to Tell Yourself When Life Gets Hard.
This blog talks about how to boldly live out the Gospel in such a way that others might be drawn to Christ. It also addresses social issues that directly affect the church and how we interact with the secular world. It provides the resources you need to have a deeper relationship with God and explain why His Word, the Bible, is vital to living victoriously.
Miranda writes to encourage and inspire others and to help them rejoice in hope and find joy in the journey of life. Sign up to receive her Free 5-day Devotional on Hope sent straight to your inbox.
At All Round Jesus, our mission is to help you blossom and realize your full potential in Christ. We meet your spiritual needs by providing sound biblical principles for tackling life’s problems. Freebies include a prayer journal, e-books, and Bible verse coloring pages.
This blog helps people who serve & take care of others, take good care of themselves too. Are you feeling stressed? Their Self-care Starter Guide gives 3 simple steps to take RIGHT NOW for more me-time.
Life is the classroom, and God is our teacher. It is about getting joy in our journey despite our past, our failures, and our challenges. God is in the business of redeeming our past and writing our futures. This blog includes a printable Prayer for Surviving the Storms of Life, and also two different Scripture cards about Peace in the Storm.
Encouraging Christian homes through devotionals, homeschool how-to, gluten-free baking, and good reads. Ponder Moment free devotional/ coloring pages. Take a few moments to consider an aspect of our Creator. Journal it and color it to let it sink in.
Sharing Life and Love will help you improve your life through Celebrate Recovery, self-improvement, and new or renewed spiritual growth. With this 10-page prayer journal planner, you can add your prayer schedule, who to pray for, and use the journal prompts to guide you as you say your prayers.
Helping women rediscover God’s joy and peace amid the trials of life. Enjoy this 5 Step Guide to Unlocking Peace in the Storms of Life.
Robbi blogs about several facets of Christian homemaking, including faith, family, natural living, housekeeping, and making a house a home.
Busy Blessed Women is a place to find encouragement and hope from God’s Word as you move through your busy life. Annmarie’s prayer is to infuse God’s character into your everyday lives with short Bible Studies every Monday morning. Enjoy a library full of Free resources.

*#27 NewDayos.com

As Jesus increases in importance in our lives, we must learn how to live out John 3:30 (He must increase, but I must decrease) by seeing to it that we have the time to do the work He has for us to do. Together we can learn to live more simply in order to increase the knowledge of Jesus and to show His greatness in all we do. Enjoy the free printable yearly home care schedule.
Empowering Christian women to grow in faith, become confident no matter what life throws at them, and live in their God-given potential. Enjoy this page full of free resources.
Ambitions for Christ desires to help you live out your Christian faith during the nitty-gritty of everyday life including the areas of marriage, parenting, witnessing, Bible study, prayer, and church fellowship. Their goal is to provide resources so you can grow closer to God and live faithfully for Him no matter how busy life becomes! Ambitions for Christ’s popular freebie is The Mommy and Me Prayer Journal. This practical, easy printable helps you to walk with your child into the delight of talking with God in prayer. It gives you many options on how to teach your child to pray as well as prayer sheets to record requests and answers to prayers together.
At the Crossroads is a blog that helps women deal with soul clutter and connect faith and life in practical, purposeful, and powerful ways. Enjoy a free printable connecting faith and life.
This blog is full of lifestyle and bible study teachings. Finding your worth, purpose, and identity in Christ is what it’s all about.
This blog helps to stir her desire for God into your everyday life. There is also a free bundle which includes three free resources, two e-books, and a 365-day Bible reading plan. You also gain access to the entire library of resources created.
Life isn’t easy, it’s hard. This blog is all about getting candid about life.
Reflections on Christian entertainment, Christian living, Overcomers, Miracles, and Bible study tools. Also includes a Facebook follower freebie.
Healthy As You Can shares tips, life experiences, planners, journals, and more to help others reach their healthy living goals. Download a free bundle of journals and planners that will boost your mental, physical, financial, and spiritual health!
Christian Blogging Academy shares blogging and business tips that encourage Christians to blog and build businesses for God’s glory! Get a free Christian blogging business checklist which is a step-by-step guide on how to plan, start, and grow your Christian blog
A blog about God’s will, contentment, and all the principles to content and satisfied life in Christ. Principles – Peace vs. fear or worry, humility vs. pride, obedience vs rebellion, selflessness vs. selfish ambition, and more. This freebie is an opt-in for signing up for the connection letter 25 Ways to Godly Contentment & Satisfaction in Life.
Welcome to a healing place, Mama! Healing Home is a place for mamas to pursue Jesus and find beauty, loveliness, healing, and inspiration along their unique journey of creating a home. Enjoy the freebie, Cultivating a Healing Home Guide.
Biblical, fruitful womanhood in a modern world. Included are blog posts, and devotionals for the woman seeking to cultivate fruitfulness in every area of her life. Don’t forget to grab their freebie of 10 Powerful Scriptures to Pray To Overcome Anxiety.
Come journey with them as they bake gluten-free, homeschool, read good books, and discuss faith and scripture to build a peaceful and strong home. Their Ponder Moment series is a collection of free coloring and Bible verse sheets to take a moment and consider your Creator. 

Bible Study

*#40 MeganAllenMinistries.com

Resources and tips to help you study and know God’s Word for yourself. Learn to do an in-depth study with this free study guide of John Chapter 1. This chapter gives us a great overview of the life, ministry, and deity of Jesus.

*#41 IntentionalFilling.com

Intentional Filling was born out of the faith-based blog by Bree Blum, which has grown to be a source of help for women to intentionally study the context of Scripture to better understand the heart of God. On the blog, you’ll find weekly summaries from their seasonal online Biblical studies, as well as encouraging and informational posts with resources for deeper study. Intentional Filling invites you to join their Community’s Bible reading plan, to read from beginning to end, chronologically!
Ladies Drawing Nigh is a nonprofit ministry offering free online Bible studies to encourage and equip women for a closer walk with God that results in their walking out His purposes for their lives. This Bible study printable is for journaling what we H.E.A.R. from God as we read His Word listening for His teaching.
Purposeful and Meaningful is a community for women who are hungry for God’s Word. Free printable Bible study plans and journals for women and children are available on the site.
Play (or sew) your way through the Bible with free tutorials and templates to make fabric activity books to share the gospel with the young and old. Many of my Bible quiet book pages include a free template so you can make your own version. This page is about Joseph having the faith to request that his bones be taken back to Cannan when God brought Israel out of Egypt.
Equipping women with faith resources to encourage a love of God’s word. There are a lot of freebies on this site to download and use as resources.
Helen is passionate about teaching Christians to read and study the Bible for themselves. She teaches traditional Bible study methods AND Creative Bible Study Techniques in a way that makes it accessible to all, banishing overwhelm, frustration and boredom. Enjoy this jargon-busting glossary of information about the Bible as well as clear explanations of Bible study terms

*#47  JenniferElwood.com/Blog

This blog is a place for women to cultivate their faith in the shelter of God’s Word. Need reminders to rest in Christ tucked into your summer reads? Here’s a set of bookmarks with Scripture and prayer to help you with that.


Spiritual Growth

*#48 SaltSparrow.com

Salt + Sparrow is an online Christian blog for women. We focus on spiritual growth, finding big faith in small things. Receive this free five-part Bible Study of the Book of James when you visit this site.

*#49 LiveInspiredByPurpose.com

Blends Biblical insights, practical actions, and coaching reflections to help you walk in God’s purposes for you both in your daily life and as your unique calling. The Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide will help you assess the major areas of your daily life to identify where you need to better align with God’s vision for you, and then partner with God in reflection to take steps toward a more purposeful, balanced, and fulfilling living.
This is a place for married Christian women to develop in spiritual growth (Bible study and prayer) and gain hope and freedom about mental health issues through God’s Word. Check out this page with all of their free resources available to all, especially the Spiritual Growth Guide.
This website seeks to encourage and inspire Christian women to grow spiritually and creatively through biblical encouragement, stories, and practical tips for spiritual and creative growth. Have you ever wished you could just have a guide that allowed you to put your story on paper that makes it easy to share with others? Here is a guide on how to write your testimony to reflect on your calling, and to help you become more prayerful about the next step God is asking you to take!
At Catching Courage, they inspire, encourage, and equip Christians to say, “Yes” when God calls. This kind of all-in faith is developed by learning to trust God more, learning to embrace your identity in Christ, and learning to fight for your faith. This free printable discovering your purpose worksheet will help you reflect on how God has created you and grown you to fulfill the purpose He created you for.
The goal of Daily His Disciple is to see women growing in wisdom and walking closely with Jesus every day, as devoted disciples should. They hope to encourage women with the truth of God’s word and equip them to study the Bible for themselves. This blog offers a free 7-day devotional called 7 Days to More Peace of Mind, when they subscribe to DHD. This also gives them access to the resource library that includes a 17-page guide to How to Study the Bible, and several printables.

Hope in Hard Times

*#54 PrayingThroughMinistries.org

The Praying Through blog equips and emboldens families with Biblical Truth and encouragement as they journey through the difficult seasons of the NICU, PICU, and Child Loss. When individuals subscribe to our site they receive our free e-book “PRAYING THROUGH Fear and Anxiety: Five Breath Prayers for When the Waves of Fear and Anxiety Threaten to Take You Under.”

*#55 CoffeeWithStarla.com

Walking alongside Christian women who are going through hard times. I write and create printables to help Christian women focus on God, helping them cultivate a consistent walk with God through prayer, bible study, and community. As a freebie, you receive a one-page printable of 9 coffee theme scripture cards.

Christian Mom Blogs, Christian Parent Blogs, and Christian Marriage Blogs

*#56 Healing Home Co

Welcome to a healing place, Mama! Healing Home is a place for mamas to pursue Jesus and find beauty, loveliness, healing, and inspiration along their unique journey of creating a home. Grab all of her healing home printables at the end of her blog post here. 

*#57 LifeAndFaithCollide.com

This blog helps moms raise their kids to know Christ. Download our FREE Family Prayer Survival Checklist. It can help you make prayer time more enjoyable, get your kids to listen, give you confidence that your efforts are enough, and learn how to set expectations and make prayer time something everyone looks forward to!

*#58 MamaReflections.com

This blog helps overwhelmed Christian moms simplify their lives so they can enjoy their relationships and passions by providing resources and encouragement. This is a guide with the top tips for ditching the overwhelm.

*#59 Embracing.Life

Provides faith-based encouragement and resources to help you grow in your faith, your prayer practice, and/or your special needs parenting journey. Enjoy this 16-page resource guide of Scriptures to pray for your family as a freebie
 Serving single parents with God’s grace and love through online Biblical resources, podcasts, and blog posts. Enjoy free affirmations of who we are in Christ. 

*#61 ChroniclesOfMomis.com

This blog is a sharing of experiences and lessons learned from the Lord as they’ve walked through various seasons in the Christian life, with a hope that those walking a few steps behind may receive some help and encouragement along the way. They also offer a marriage freebie


*#62 UndoubtedGrace.com

This blog helps Career-Minded working moms get more done and steward their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health without having to leave the workforce. Through blog posts, courses, and journals, Ashley Harris Hudson helps working moms feel confident in their God-given story of motherhood. Find more things that matter with this 7-day Prayer Journal on time management and building realistic routines.

*#63 SavoringEachMoment.com

Encouragement and resources for Christian moms raising kids who love Jesus. There is also a free praying for your kids challenge on the sidebar of each page.
We are a community of Christian Moms and Wives who want to see their entire family THRIVE in the Kingdom of God. Enjoy a free 14-Day Pray For Your Husband Challenge.
Join Amber as they build intentionally and create a culture of Christ-given abundance in their homes and families.

*#66 LoveMoreToLive.com

Helping moms improve their marriages, become better parents, and grow spiritually and emotionally. Enjoy their freebie of Creative discipline ideas. 

Recovery and/or Mental Wellness Blogs

#67 PoemaChronicles.com

This blog writes about narcissistic abuse, recovery, and how to form a more intimate relationship with God in the process

*#68 TherapyForChristians.com

Therapy for Christians provides a community for Christians to easily find local Christian therapists, Christian mental health tips, and more so that they can live a life that honors God. Free Scripture Prayer Cards from depression, anxiety, stress, and hard times are available to help in your recovery.
Christian life guidance and a sub-focus on addiction recovery.
This blog has devotionals but mostly focuses on Christianity and mental health.
This blog offers great resources and support for Christian women who want strong Christian Marriages. Get access to their Free Mini Marriage Course, “Speak His Love Language” here.

Devotional Blog

#72 UnhurriedSpace.com

This blog helps Christians who are overwhelmed or burned out learn to slow down and navigate the challenges of fast-paced modern life.

*#74 GodWhispersWithCammie.com

A quick read that will both encourage you and take you deeper into the Word. Email subscribers will get the weekly devotion sent to their inbox. Enjoy a booklet for those who may have grown up in the church, but are questioning their salvation. 

Christian Book Reviews

*#75 ArynTheLibraryan.com

Aryn loves to connect readers with books that are wholesome, entertaining, and educational. She reviews Christian books for kids, teens, and adults, to help you find just what you are looking for. Here is a reading journal to help you turn any book you want into a conversation with God. Track your favorite books, quotes, and the things God brings to your mind as you read even the funniest fiction.

christian blog list

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Over 100 Christian blogs, all broken down by category. Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments if we are and we will check it out.

Have you ever thought of starting a Christian blog? Reach out to me, Jessie, at jessie@praywithconfidence.com with the subject BLOG INTEREST if you want more information!





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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