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12 Motivating Female Christian Youtubers

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Let’s face it: We need more Female Christian YouTubers!

Have you realized how powerful YouTube videos are to convey messages?

Recently I discovered that there is a need for more women speakers.

Personally, as a woman, while I admire many well-known men who have motivational channels, I began a search for Christian women from all walks of life in the age category of 18-65 to see who I could find.

Christian Women YouTube Channels have increased and like most of us now know, there is a whole world to discover on YouTube, that is more than just listening to music.

While there are so many inspiring Christian women bloggers, not a great deal of them are on YouTube. And I can totally relate with that. Because for a long time I struggled with being shy and afraid of what people would think about me.

Although growing up as a preacher’s daughter and being in the spotlight from a really young age, it was only during a trying season in my life, I realized that I had been hiding for a long time.

God began working from the inside out on the foundations of my faith and fears, leading me to experience a renewed freedom to step forward.

The difficulty so many of us create in our minds, is wanting to settle and stay in the wings, yet out there is someone who needs to hear our personal story and voice for hope.

Inspirational YouTube Channels

That same inspiration we have chosen to hide, could become part of God shining His light through our lives to others.

My hope is that more women will rise to this challenge, to speak out from their niche, to grasp their God-given purpose and not compare themselves to how someone else is more confident or has more courage than they do.

Because each one of our voices is unique and valued by God. He makes you worthy, now all you need to do is begin to believe that.

Following a period of God working in my own life through His transformation, my aim is to help women become beautifully brave again built on their season of brokenness.

In the meantime, I am being inspired by many Christian women, so no matter where you might be in your own life, turn over to YouTube and find a video from the channels I have chosen to insert into your busy schedule or during your break times.

What can you expect from these Motivating Christian Women Youtubers?

Describing all of these Christian women in a few words – what stood out the most was their confidence to follow their God-planned destiny.

Each of their messages will help you discover exciting and original tips for anything related to living a God-filled life to bouncing back stronger from setbacks and achieve any goal you set.

The important part for us as busy women is we all come from different situations and walks, so finding our work-life balance can be tricky at times.

Motivation for Faith, Business and Family

And sometimes taking the time to listen to the motivating words of another Godly woman, can help us realize we are not alone, in our journey of faith, business and family.

Taking time to reinvigorate our spirit and soul can improve our body’s immune system, particularly when stress is so prevalent right now.

The channels I have chosen are for women in any age category, there is something for you whatever level of faith you are at.

My prayer was to find Godly inspiration from every woman in any age group, so that you can find relevance from these Christian Women YouTubers for what you may be facing today.

12 Motivating Female Christian YouTubers

#1 Kris Reece

What you can expect: Kris is a Bible teacher and Christian counsellor who teaches Godly and practical steps for renewing your mind, growing your faith and discovering God’s call in your life.

#2 Going Beyond Ministries (Priscilla Shirer)

What you can expect: Priscilla is a motivational speaker and best-selling author and a co-founder of Going Beyond Ministries where she teaches God’s truth for every area of your life.

#3 Makenna Ashley

What you can expect: Makenna talks about her life and family, from her heart and everything beauty. There are numerous tips to fill you with hope, inspiration and encouragement.

#4 Kaci Nicole

What you can expect: Kaci dives into Bible studies and how God’s power transforms her own life. There are so many different studies that bring a bit of her insight to God’s word to encourage and equip you.

#5 Meg Flower

What you can expect: Meg is a lifestyle and faith vlogger who takes you into her own life, mental health and faith.

#6 Tara Hannon

What you can expect: Tara touches on so much we all face in our Christian journey as disciples. There is so much about spiritual growth and encouragement while being a mum too.

#7 Sarah Jakes Roberts

What you can expect: Sarah’s energy is contagious, she is such a powerful woman of faith and you cannot help feeling empowered after watching her videos.

#8 Kian Wolfgang (previously Kian Tilton)

What you can expect: Kian talks about her life, from being single to getting married and her faith journey as newly married and setting up her business.

#9 Lisa Bevere

What you can expect: Lisa has a passion you cannot help but want. Listening to her, you can find so much practical application from her own journey as best-selling author and speaker.

#10 Mia Rene

What you can expect: Mia is the face behind God Centered success – she is all about empowering women entrepreneurs to thrive in faith and business.

#11 Jessica Brodie

What you can expect: Jessica talks from her heart and with her experience as an author and blogger, she offers her own personal insights to faith, writing and living a God centered life.

As a bonus, I am including my own channel, I am currently working behind the scenes on new content with a return soon.

#12 Ava James Inspogirl

What you can expect: Ava aims to motivate and inspire women from around the globe who have struggled with the emotional challenges of relationship breakups.

To find themselves again, fuel a fearless attitude and gain a new mindset to become bravely beautiful.

Words are powerful, they can speak life or death. Will you be that woman who will stand up and speak out about their journey to life a God-centered life too? Share your favorite Christian channel with us.


Happy Watching!


  • Ava James

    Ava N. James is a non-fiction author, performance coach, and motivational speaker living in the UK. She has many passions, but worship, poetry and meeting new people are her top favourites. Her best-selling prayer book ‘Prayers for My Future Husband’ is one of several publications. She trusted God with her backstory, from ashes to beauty and is now happily married. For more information about her writing and work or to connect for a chat - visit https://bit.ly/AvaNJames

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Jessica Brodie

Monday 24th of May 2021

Thank you SO so much for including me on this list! I'll be following every one of these Godly women. I appreciate you! It's beautiful to see God's word and people flooding YouTube, Twitter, and all social media. xoxoxo

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