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Powerful Answered Prayers (10+ Real Life Examples)

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Answered Prayers

Ever have a hard conversation about Christianity, where you really don’t know how to respond?

I was in that situation myself really recently, and it was about something near and dear to my heart: examples of answered prayers.

I have seen God answer prayers repeatedly in my life, but until I started using a prayer journal I forgot so many of them. 

How is it that God performs miracles, then I can move on so quickly to expect Him to answer another prayer in my life? I am so thankful for an understanding God!

The Big Question: Are there Still Answered Prayers and Miracles Today?

So when a reader asked me this question, I found myself speechless. She told me her life story and asked: In today’s world, does God still perform miracles? Is there actually such thing as answered prayers?

I wanted to tell her, “yes! Here is my life story!”. However, that just wouldn’t go with the vibe of Pray With Confidence at all. Pray With Confidence is a community of people, from all over the world, that come together to talk about the power of prayer and how to overcome prayer obstacles as busy Christian women.

It would only be fair to get the whole Pray With Confidence community to respond.

answered prayers

Answered Prayers: What You Had to Say

The first thing I did was go to you all in this wonderful community. The majority of the time, we hang out on our Facebook page, so I started there. Check out all the amazing answered prayers you have seen! Click to read all the responses.

God is incredible! And you all are amazing- I am so thankful to those who spoke up about how God still shows up today.

Side note: Our Facebook community is getting big, quickly! We have talked about starting a special Facebook group, make sure to sign up below if you are interested in being a part of it!

How Christian Writers All Around the World Have Seen Answered Prayers

Next, I took the question of miracles and answered prayers to Christian writers all over the world. Christian writers usually become just that after seeing God work in huge ways, so I thought this would be a good place to go. And boy, did they show up! Here are the answered prayers you may be looking for to inspire you!

10 Real Life Answers To Prayer Requests

Prayers for Job Security

“I have a few answered prayers, but one of them really sticks out for me.  A few years ago the company I worked for closed down.  I was pregnant at this time…far along pregnant so I couldn’t find another job.  After having my son, I decided I wanted to stay home with him to watch him grow up.  I wanted to be a full-time mom.

You see, I had my first child at the age of 19 so after staying home with her for 6 months, it was time to go back to work to make some money.  She was sent to daycare during the day and I would pick her up after work.


A few years later, my husband and I had another child.  I didn’t stay home with him long either.  A great job opportunity opened up for me and I couldn’t let it pass, so I also stayed home with him a few months then went back to work.

I was determined with my last son to stay with him for at least the full year.  Well, a year came and went and I was still wanting to stay home.  So I prayed to God for a way to make money so I won’t have to go back to a full-time job.

One day while at church, the pastor announced a position for the church secretary had opened.  Then I heard God say to me, “that job is for you.”  I couldn’t believe what I heard.  I applied for the job as soon as I could.  Then the waiting game started…the process was so long.  One of the other candidates was friends with the pastor…this didn’t look very promising…but I held on the word the Lord had told me.

It took some time and interviews, but I got the job.  I was able to go to work on Saturday for a few hours and still was able to be a full-time mom as I wanted. 

God still answers prayers.”

Elizabeth Anderson, Christian Blogger from

Miracle Prayer of Health

Back in 2011, I contracted a flesh-eating bacteria that put me in a coma.  Doctors gave me a zero chance of recovery.  However during the 3 weeks I was in that medically-induced coma, my family prayed.  

My husband Mike had that mustard-seed faith.  He prayed and his faith never wavered.  Our kids prayed.  Our church prayed.  Word spread and across the country.  Friends and people we didn’t even know prayed.  God was listening and watching.

Many operations took place that would remove the bacteria.  As the virus spread, I lost the blood flow to my limbs and my kidneys started to shut down.  My hands and feet were amputated.  

But God heard all of those prayers.  At the 3 week mark, I woke up.  The doctors were amazed at my progress.  My family and friends gave God the glory.  And the healing began.

Through my recovery I prayed.  Proverbs 3:5-6 gave me the strength and courage I needed to rebuild my life as a quadruple amputee.  It was a long, hard road.  But I refused to give up.  My husband needed me.  My kids needed me.  God needed me.  I still had work to do.

So today, I witness for the Lord through my blog, One Exceptional Life, where I help women overcome their challenges through faith, gratitude, kindness and positivity.   We’ve seen what faith can do, and we believe with God, all things are possible, if it be His will.

Wendy Wallace, One Exceptional Life 

prayers answered

Travel Prayers

“My family and I live in Guatemala. A few years ago we were praying that God would help us get to the States to visit my parents as it had been quite a few years since our last visit.

There was no way we could afford a trip for a family of four on our own, so we needed divine intervention. We prayed for months and had just about given up a month before the planned trip.

We’d had our cell group praying as well, but we assumed that it wasn’t God’s timing. With sadness, I informed my parents that we wouldn’t be able to make it that year.

Then, within a matter of two weeks, three people contacted me and said that God had prompted them to give us money. Altogether the amount came to exactly what we’d needed! Unbeknownst to us, God had been working the whole time to make the trip happen.”

Summer Marrero Cordón
Christian Blogger at Life is a Vapor

answered prayers proverbs 3 5 to 6

Prayers Through a Health Journey

My name is Brittanee, and my story begins around Christmas 2002, when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 10.

It’s been quite a journey, to say the least. The denial, anger, bargaining, depression… and finally, acceptance. The pain, the medications, the embarrassment I’ve felt. Gatherings, birthday celebrations, and outings missed because I wasn’t well.

A few years ago, at 21, I discovered I had a mass of scar tissue in my abdomen that had gradually gotten so bad, food could barely pass through. In May 2016, at 23, I had that section of my intestine surgically removed.

But what may appear to be a tumultuous journey and a loss of something to most, is actually the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

I prayed and asked God to intervene, to change the situation I found myself in, and He did. He lined up everything having to do with the surgery for me, and I came out of it stronger than I’ve ever been.

He answered my prayers through the surgery. He answered them through my greatest support system: my dad and the rest of my family. He answered them through the beautiful foods of the earth He has created. And He has answered them in countless other ways. Six years total in remission and medication-free, He has made me whole again.

God always answers your prayers. The answer may not come when you expect it to, but rest assured, it will come, exactly when you need it, all in His perfect timing.

Brittanee Pless

Prayers in a Pandemic

My current answered prayers are the following during the COVID-19 God spoke to me in prayer and told me that everyone connected to me will not receive or have COVID-19. I hear to report that five different members have been tested for COVID-19 and all results have come back negative . Praise God for his protection from this deadly disease.

Michelle Kinyungu
Christian Blogger from Uniquely You

Better Than Expected Answers

When I read about your reader that had never heard how God still
performs miracles today, I was saddened! Is this because we do not look for them, or is it because we do not pray?In my own life, I have experienced MANY answered prayers. For one, I used to struggle with plantar fasciitis. I could hardly walk in the
morning, and going to chiropractors and doctors did not help. I did
special stretching exercises and wore special shoes.Nothing seemed to make a lasting difference until I asked God to heal my foot. I asked in Faith and knowing that if God wanted me to bare this a while longer, I was willing. However, I also knew he heard my prayers. I couple of days later, my pain was GONE.

I am forever thankful to God! In many other instances, when my husband and I have had a disagreement, I asked the Lord to reveal the truth to my husband. Often, a couple of hours or days later, my husband would share what he had realized.

Also, God at times showed me that I was the one in the WRONG. God does hear our prayers when we ask in faith. His answer might not always be what we are waiting to hear, but it usually will be even
better then we expected.

Marilyn, Christian Blogger at Keepers At Home

Marriage Prayers

There was a time when I thought I had a pretty decent marriage, but seven years in, all that changed.
I had just given birth to my third son, so at first I chalked it up to having a new baby, but as time went on, I found out that my husband had been having an affair for several months.Not only did my husband tell me that he was choosing the other woman, but he also said he no longer considered himself a Christian.

After months of pleading with him to give “us” another chance, I realized he wasn’t going to, and made the painful decision to take my kids and leave him. Suddenly I was a single mom working three jobs, and barely getting by.

I began to pray like I have never prayed before. I prayed for my husband to want us back. I prayed for the other woman to realize how much she was hurting us. I prayed for eyes to see the flaws in myself.

More than anything, I prayed for God to turn my husband’s heart back to Him, because it tortured me to know he had turned away from God.

God didn’t answer my prayers quickly, but in time, things began to change. My husband made the decision to end his affair after two years and became more invested in our kids and me again. We decided we were in a pretty good place, and I brought the kids to visit him.

During our visit it was obvious that my husband had made some serious changes in his life. I would say he was more like the man I married, but that isn’t true, he was far better than that man. He had begun going back to church, and it was clear he was determined to fix what had broken between us.

We decided to wait a few months to make sure that getting back together was the right decision. During those months, I continually prayed that God would make the changes in my husband so unbelievable, that I would be confident that it wasn’t just me seeing what I wanted to, but that it  would truly be God at work in him.

When we got back together, we began attending a new church, and became involved in several activities and Bible studies and the suggestion of my husband! A few months ago my kids and I even had the pleasure of seeing him get baptized. The changes in him have in fact, been unbelievable!

Not only has God answered my prayer to restore my marriage, but He has done more than I could have asked or imagined, in the heart of my husband.

It’s been a few years and our marriage is better than ever, because we are both committed to each other, and to Christ. I know that the changes in my husband and the healing of my marriage are the answer to many prayers said to my faithful Father!

M. J. Villatoro

“…He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination.  He will outdo them all…”  (Ephesians 3:20 TPT)

Eight years ago, I experienced the fullness of this verse in the flesh.  After seven years of asking, the Lord did “immeasurably more than all I could ask for or imagine”.  The rippled answer to that prayer still leaves me in awe today – as I daily live out the extravagance of how He answered. 

My husband had walked away from the Lord seven years prior.  After countless prayers and tears, lamenting and travailing, I came to the place of full surrender and said to the Lord “whatever it takes”.  It takes boldness and humility to be able to fully lay that at His feet.  When the answer finally did come, it did not come in a sweet, beautiful package.  The initiation of that beauty and extravagant response first looked like a pile of ash.  It looked withered and dead. 

And yet, my God!  My husband did in fact return to the Lord.  In the midst of this beautiful answered prayer, God also took a marriage that was fragile, tore up the foundation and made it brand new!  The beauty of what we have today in our marriage truly would have been impossible had God not stirred up and revealed things as He did.  Years later, we are celebrating 22 years of being married and I can now confidently say that the extravagance of what we have now was worth the storms and the fire we had to walk through! 

Suni Piper, Christian Blogger from A Surrendered Life

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Answered Prayers About Children

One of the biggest answered prayers God has given me is my son.

Before my son, I ended up miscarrying a baby and it was incredibly
hard. My husband was working overseas on a month long project when I began to lose the baby, I had just started a new job, and even worse my new job was right next to the labor and delivery unit at a
hospital. I saw all the new moms and their newborns being wheeled out to go home.

I don’t tell you all of this to make you feel sorry for me but only to
let you know that it was a devastatingly hard time. It was such a time
of uncertainty too. If I got pregnant again would I lose the next
baby? Would I ever have a baby of my own? Would I ever become a mom?

I had to be patient and trust in God’s will even when I was hurting so
much. I prayed a lot about it and we ended up visiting Israel over
Christmas that year. I had felt such a close connection to the stories
of the Bible I had always heard.

I left a paper prayer request in the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) asking for a healthy and happy baby if it was His will. The next week when I got home I found I was pregnant with my son.

I’m now a mom of two and I know that God answered my prayer. It’s not necessary to go all the way to Israel to have a prayer answered but in my case I felt like I was on a spiritual journey.

The best gifts really are gifts from above and each day I think God for my children. God truly hears us and he can always give us peace beyond our earthly understanding. Call out to Him!

Audrey, Christian Blogger at Two Pink Peonie

Any Size Prayer Matters

Ten years ago, we moved three hours away. 

It was the farthest we had ever moved, and both my husband and I were feeling a little apprehensive about it all. We had moved due to my husband going back to college. With him trying to work and go to school, as well as having three young children, our finances were very tight. 

I had been talking about how I was going to miss having a Walmart Supercenter nearby and was praying to God about how we were going to afford groceries if I had to go to a regular supermarket. 

Then the next day we stopped by the local Walmart to pick something up and as we walked in we saw a sign announcing that they would be converting to a Supercenter soon. I was elated and relieved that our grocery bill would not increase. 

God had answered my prayer for cheap groceries! 

Then I was calling around trying to find doctors for all of us. I wanted to find a D.O. who had experience in both pediatrics and adults. I also wanted to find a male doctor for the boys and a female doctor for us girls. 

I found a male doctor and called to schedule some well-child visits for my boys. As I talked with the lady on the other line I mentioned hoping to find a female D.O. and she said, “We actually have one starting here soon. She just isn’t on our website yet. But I can schedule you with her if you would like?”

I was ecstatic. Here was another answered prayer from God. While this move had been scary, God was providing for us every step of the way. The answered prayers felt like confirmation that we were right where we were supposed to be.  

Our prayers don’t have to be big and grand for God to answer. God answers even our simple prayers. Like prayers for cheap groceries and a doctor.   

Collene, Christian Blogger at Rest and Chaos

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  1. It is so encouraging to read about all of these answers to prayers. Stories connect with us and help to build our faith. Writing down our own Answer to prayer stories helps us remember them when we are discouraged. Thank for this encouragement today!

  2. Wow! What an incredible and encouraging post about answered prayers! It is so important to have a prayer journal and record all that God does- it is so easy to forget and think he isn’t answering us. This was amazing to read so many incredible faith walks!

    1. I couldn’t believe what I missed out on before having a prayer journal. It’s like I was missing all the beautiful ways God wove himself in my crazy chaotic life!

  3. I love all of these examples of answered prayers, including my own. Many times we don’t see the answers until we step back and look with a fresh set of eyes. But our Lord is always faithful. He hears and He answers. We may not always get the answer we want. But it will always be for our good and His glory.

    1. You are an absolute example of answered prayers- and not just the big 2011 one. To see how you pray for people selflessly and how God answers is amazing! Blessed to know you <3

  4. Do you have those times you cry, but it’s a good thing? That’s what happened to me when I read about these powerful answered prayers. I still have tears of joy (with awe and wonder as well) as I’m typing this.
    Also, I just found my next verse to memorize (I’ve been working on memory verses – finally, even though I’m kinda old, haha). It will be Proverbs 3:5-6

  5. Also, I wanted to say that I love Jack Russell terriers. I had one for 16 years. Her name was Lady Top Boot! She was one of the long-legged breeds. If folks are wondering how I found out about your doggies, I read about it on your About page.

  6. It is always awesome to hear other people’s stories of answered prayer! It really helps remind me that God is always on the move. Each answered prayer, I believe, helps strengthen our faith.

  7. Jessie, this is so awesome and incredibly encouraging. I love how you allowed the community to answer one of your reader’s question. Very personal touch and I’m sure it will touch her heart to read these beautiful testimonies. My greatest answered prayer (among so many – I am like you and didn’t write them down in a prayer journal) was my prayer for my marriage. God not only saved my hubby but my marriage, too. I have been in awe of Him ever since. I pray this particular reader you mentioned will have this very personal touch from God soon for whatever is going on in her life. 🙏❤

    1. This is amazing, Donna! You are always full of grace and beauty- it is amazing to hear how God has answered your prayers!

  8. Suni Piper’s story touched me the most, although I loved all of them! But, reading about how God answered her ongoing prayer about her marriage really ministered to me. What a testimony!

  9. I greatly enjoyed reading through these answered prayers tonight! We serve an incredible God and His will and timing is always best. He has been so faithful to answer my own prayers whether they be big or small. And although not every one of them is answered in the exact way that I hope, I know that His ways are much higher than my own and that I can fully trust that He will use each situation for my good and His glory. Thank you for sharing these!

    1. Love this, so true Tabatha! I can’t imagine what Heaven will be like when we can see the whole picture!

  10. The Power of prayer.

    I have seen the power of prayer work in many people’s lives. The type of work I do (my mission and calling outside of writing) is working with people who are lost, broken, hurting, dealing with past trauma, and suffering addiction. I work as a substance use professional in a methadone clinic. I meet people in various stages of recovery, and, in various stages of opioid use. I make it a point to pray quietly in my office over my caseload. Mainly to seek Heavenly Father’s guidance and counsel in how to influence and impact the lives of people. Some that I have worked with (been in the field for over seven years now) have had some serious battles to move through and overcome. Yet, being still, listening to each person, waiting upon the Lord, and then following the promptings, the sessions end with some sense of hope.

  11. This post came out wonderful! I am so honored to have been able to share my story of how God worked in my marriage, but also to read all these amazing stories about how great and faithful our God is! He surely hears our prayers and answers them!

  12. Yes. Love this encouraging post. People really need to understand that God is not silent nor does He ever ignore us. I have seen prayer work as well, even when we sometimes doubt. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I really enjoyed reading the answered prayers. God is still answering prayers. While reading them I had a song playing on my radio and it was called, I See Miracles. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  14. I have both answered prayers and no answer prayer. When I don’t have answers I just need to trust that God still has me!

  15. Jessie, I enjoyed reading about so many answered prayers! It is very faith affirming when we see God involved in even the smallest details of our lives. Thank you for encouraging us!

  16. I love reading all of these real life stories. I’ve had a few of my own prayer miracles just this week and it always amazes me to think about how BIG God is to be working in ALL of his children’ lives in powerful ways. Thank you for gathering these stories and sharing them here in one spot. What an encouragement!

  17. As I was reading this post, all you could hear me say out loud was wow, wow woe! God answers prayer! I have seen answered prayer in many areas and right now I’m leaning in with a few serious prayer requests. This post on answered prayer with these awesome testimonies has encouraged me as I wait.

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