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Christel Owoo is a Confidence Coach, Mentor, Women’s Ministry Leader, Author, Wife, and Mom. She writes about Bible Study, Christian Living, and Personal Growth on her website, through guest blogs, devotionals, books, and in Christian magazines.

Her ministry is to help Christian women live confidently and victoriously in Christ, to the fullest of their God-given potential. Christel’s books speak of life-changing encounters and second chances when you follow, obey, and apply the Word of God. 

To connect with Christel visit: www.christelowoo.com, on Facebook, FB-group-Becoming a Confident Woman in Christ, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is easy to walk joyfully with God when everything in our lives runs smoothly. The sun is shining, friends and family are around us, we are in perfect health, we have a great job, etc. This is when our lives satisfy us. But God doesn’t promise us a life without heartbreak, and He doesn’t …

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Discouragement is a human feeling that even we, as Christians, can go through. Even though we know God’s promises, our situation can appear so overwhelming to us that we forget God’s faithful character. We are not alone—there are many examples of discouragement in the Bible. Even though the feeling of discouragement is powerful, God’s Word …

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Being a Christian comes down to our faith and having hope. This distinguishes us from the world. However, whether or not we like to admit it, we rarely have the faith or the hope Jesus wants us to have. And that is where our prayers for faith and hope come in.  Jesus spoke often about …

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