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Hannah is originally from Nigeria but she resides in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about living a life of purpose and fulfilling her calling in the teaching ministry. She shares a weekly post on her blog and Instagram page.

The aim of her posts are to encourage women by sharing practical topics on how to live a victorious Christian life. Her ultimate goal is to draw men to believing and accepting Jesus Christ.

Looking for Peace In Your Household? These Prayers For Peace in the Family May Help! Peace is freedom from disturbance, it is a state of calmness and total well-being. Our families are a blessing to us therefore seeking peace and prayers for peace in the family is important. The Bible encourages peace! “Make every effort …

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Prayers God Answered in the Bible Is Amazing Motivation! One of the greatest motivations of praying is that we know that prayers come with answers. The Bible is our go-to manual as Christians; it is filled with the marvellous works of God. The stories of miracles, sign and wonders recorded in the precious word of …

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Not just prayer, but effective prayer is an integral part of every Christian’s life. Constantly talking to God every day draws us closer to him and strengthens our relationship with him. A prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian, we need to be vigilant so that we can defeat the devil and his plans (1 Pet …

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