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10 Effective Prayer Strategies For Busy Moms

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Not just prayer, but effective prayer is an integral part of every Christian’s life. Constantly talking to God every day draws us closer to him and strengthens our relationship with him.

A prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian, we need to be vigilant so that we can defeat the devil and his plans (1 Pet 5:8).The devil knows we are a believers, he knows we won’t steal, kill, commit adultery or commit other forms of sin. So he then introduces busyness into our lives so that we will have little or no time at all for prayer.The devil has easy access into the life of a prayer-less Christian. Sisters be vigilant! Set your priorities right! Seek first the kingdom of God (Matt 6:33).I heard someone say “If you are too busy to pray, you are too busy” Check it! Fix it!
effective prayer for busy mums
I am not writing this as an expert or prayer warrior! Brethren the struggle has been so real. I totally understand that life can feel busy as a stay at home mom with children to cater for all day or as a career/business woman who has a job that is physically demanding or mentally draining. In fact we have a lot of super moms who combine taking care of children/home with their business or career! You all deserve a trophy! Well done!
The result of a busy life is that most times at the end of each day we are tired and knackered that we can barely mutter words. Sometimes we try to pray but we sleep off doing so. We do not want to continue that way because it’s dangerous. Always remember Edwin Harvey’s quote:
Imagine if you do not connect your phone to electricity to charge them when the battery is low, the battery dies. Prayer charges our spiritual life! What percentage is our prayer battery? Is it signalling battery low? Rise up! It’s time to get charged. The aim is to be fully charged!

How To Pray Effective Prayers As A Mom

1. Believe in Jesus (Jn 14:6)
2. Pray using the name of Jesus (Jn 14:14)
3. Pray using the blood of Jesus (Rev 12:11a)
4. Pray using the word of God (Psalm 119:89)
5. Be righteous: Avoid sins like unforgiveness, anger e.t.c (James 5:16b, Jn 15:7)
6. Have faith and total trust in Jesus (Heb 11:6, Matt 21:22)
7. Pray in the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:26-27)

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8. Accompany prayer with a fast (Matt 17:21)

10 Praying Strategies for Busy Moms

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 the Bible says pray without ceasing! It is possible to pray through the day as a busy woman! I will share some strategies I have tried and others I aim to try.

1. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH JESUS: Yes! You heard that right, make it formal (Let it be in your schedule for the day, set your reminder) just like you will not miss a business meeting, don’t miss this!

Pick a time: Early in the morning before you start the day, before your children wakes up or late at night before going to bed. Set up a praying space for this meeting.

I remember some years ago after watching the movie (War Room) I was so charged to get a prayer closet /Altar (I didn’t have one at that time).Truthfully this method has not really been working for me, I find that I am always under pressure to perform, I wasn’t consistent.

For example, if I set 5 am for the appointment with Jesus, I could wake up tired at the sound of the alarm and because I still feel sleepy the prayer might not be effective!

I would rather pray an effective prayer at 8am. This method is good for people that are more organised and like scheduling.

2. BE INTENTIONAL: The Bible says we should seek God first. Study yourself and your timetable. And be realistic! If you like flexibility, fixing an appointment as mentioned in point 1 can become tedious! It could feel like a chore. Pray everyday but be flexible in your timing. This is more informal, I currently use this method. It also means you can pray anywhere.

3. JOURNALING: Having a prayer journal can encourage us to pray. Writing down prayer points, ticking answered prayer and also penning down what God is saying to us. For busy moms it can be done first thing in the morning, before going to bed or during break at work.
4. PRAY IN THE BATHROOM: While you are in the shower or toilet, says few lines of prayer.

5. PRAY ON THE GO: If you are in your private vehicle! Great! Listen to edifying musics/messages. Pray out loud if you want!. If you take public transport you can connect your headset (Be connected in the spirit)

Pray! You do not need to shout! Whispering is okay! If it is a walking distance also good. I tried prayer walk once when I was going to get my daughter from the nursery (about 15 mins walk). It was so much fun! I started talking to God, I prayed in spirit, I prayed in understanding, I sang and was almost dancing on the road…Lol! Try prayer walk I recommend it.

6. PRAY WHILE DOING YOUR CHORES: Say a few lines of prayer while doing your chores! Listen to edifying messages or songs if you can.
7. LEARN TO SAY NO: The bible says godliness with contentment is great gain! You don’t have to accept all invitations, limit entertainment, don’t work overtime or overbook yourself because you want more money or because you want to please people. Don’t exceed your limit. Please God!
8. HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: This could be your spouse, family or friend. Those that are grounded in faith! They will put u in check

9. TAKE SHORT PRAYER BREAKS: While in the middle of a task or while your children are playing take a short break to pray with your children (A minute or 2, it doesn’t have to be long).

When friends or family comes visiting take prayer breaks in between your discussion. My mom does this a lot (even though sometimes we might end up praying an hour). She told me once that she went to the salon to make her hair but she wasn’t comfortable with the discussion going on! She told them please let’s pray! Guess what-they did.


10. TAKE A BREAK: Ask for help! This might not work for everyone especially if there is no one around to help, but if you have your parent close by and they are willing to help with the children, take a day or two to go on a retreat outside your home (Going with your spouse will be great). Rest because you need it and Pray….Sis you will be refreshed!

I hope you will give some of these tips a try! Stay on fire for Jesus! Stay encouraged! Keep pushing! Be a praying woman! You can do it!


  • Hannah Olapade

    Hannah is originally from Nigeria but she resides in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about living a life of purpose and fulfilling her calling in the teaching ministry. She shares a weekly post on her blog and Instagram page. The aim of her posts are to encourage women by sharing practical topics on how to live a victorious Christian life. Her ultimate goal is to draw men to believing and accepting Jesus Christ.

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Ava James

Thursday 16th of April 2020

I pray on the go... a lot. It's amazing how many great moments you can have, especially driving to and from work!


Thursday 16th of April 2020

Super Amazing. Thanks for reading sis ❤

Ashley Hudson

Tuesday 14th of April 2020

"Learn to say no.." Note to self!

Love this sis!


Thursday 16th of April 2020

Thanks for reading sis ❤


Friday 10th of April 2020

“If you are too busy to pray, you are too busy” Amen, Amen & Amen!!! I love this!!! Great Post!!!


Friday 10th of April 2020

That was my favorite part too!

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