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Laura E. Sumpter is passionate about teaching women and children about the hope found in the Lord.  She writes to encourage women, believing that when they are strengthened, future generations will be as well.

Laura lives in the Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest.  She has an amazing husband of nearly 17 years, three busy fun kids and has been a teacher for over 20 years. When she isn’t writing or teaching, Laura enjoys reading, creating, gardening, and a good latte in any form.  You can find the lessons God is teaching her at her blog https://lauraesumpter.com/ and as a contributor on Anchored Voices.

For the Unexpected Homeschool Mom “Are you excited for school?” This is the common question I often hear when the calendar page turns to August 1 st each summer. As a mother and veteran teacher, the rhythm of school has been ingrained in my bones and become as systematic as taking the next breath. But …

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Looking for Some Mom Prayers During Uncertain Times? Two of my kids sat sobbing on my bed. Their tears, producing tears of my own, as I watched the anguish on their faces. I knew it was a time that some mom prayers were needed.  “I don’t understand”, they said through their grief.   “Why can’t I …

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TwitCount Button By: Laura E. Sumpter Contributing Writer LauraESumpter.com The ocean beaches were my playground growing up. Living in a small coastal town on the Pacific, we were surrounded by craggy rocks, towering cliffs, and majestic breathtaking views of a vast water mass that stretched for miles. When I was about 13, we had a …

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