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3 Calming Prayers for the Unexpected Homeschool Mom

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For the Unexpected Homeschool Mom

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“Are you excited for school?”

This is the common question I often hear when the calendar page turns to August 1 st each summer. As a mother and veteran teacher, the rhythm of school has been ingrained in my bones and become as systematic as taking the next breath.

But this year, like many, this landscape of knowledge and development is different. No matter where you have landed or where you stand on the debate about returning to school, parents are stepping into unexpected roles of homeschooling.

unexpected homeschool mom

Kitchen tables, playrooms, home offices, and closets are all being converted into places for kids to study and continue their educational paths. Be this through technology, workbooks, or a piecemeal of both,
there is a sense of anxiety and frustration in this “new” normal.

These places in our homes will be the foundational building blocks that will be used to launch these kids into a different world. As I have processed this, I have felt fear creep in. The words of King David have
brought a sense of calm.

In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul. (Psalm 94:19, NKJV)

This temporary homeschooling change brings with it an uncertainty of what the future looks like.

Hidden in the endless days ahead of scheduled online meetings and homeschool material, there are lessons for me as a mom that I don’t necessarily want to learn.

I am realizing that I am being nudged to lean in and hear the voice of the One who calmed the stormy seas and raised the sick and dying. He will certainly sit at the kitchen table with me and my kids.

If you are navigating these new uncharted waters, be encouraged that I will be praying these three calming prayers along with you. Also, we found a great resource for homeschooling moms if you are interested!

Three Calming Prayers for the Unexpected Homeschooling Mom

Pray for Wisdom

God promises that if we ask for wisdom, He will grant this. (James 1:5). So, in these moments and days of quiet as I prepare to teach my kids, I am asking God to bring wisdom in navigating a different schedule.

Wisdom to know what and how to teach and give my kids strong reinforcement and gentle correction. I am asking Him for clarity in deciding what extra activities to pursue and what to graciously decline.

Continue to trust that He will direct our paths.

Pray for Peace

This unexpected transition to homeschooling will need to be peaceful. It can become ugly fast. Trusting that God will bring peace in the middle of what feels like a chaotic situation is hard for this heart.
Ask God to help the focus to be on connection and not forcing the “next thing” to get done.

I am asking God to let the Fruits of the Spirit pour out of my life and into my kids. I desire my home teaching be one in which my kids feel safe, validated, and heard. I want them to walk away loving learning and not despising it.

Remember that He is the Prince of Peace.

Pray for Strength and Perseverance

Decisions are coming at us fast. Pick extra curriculum? Find social outlets. Monitor new activities. All

of this is overwhelming. I want to be a woman who trusts that God will take care of the details.

There will be days when coffee and PJ’s on the couch sound better than reading and math. I am daily asking God for the strength and perseverance to continue carrying His love to the next generation.

We are reminded that “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7, NLT)

Let’s continue to remember our power comes from Jesus and He gives us the strength we need even in intense circumstances.

God loves my children even more than I do. I am trusting that He will maintain my cause and continue to bring wisdom, peace, and strength in the long days ahead.

This hard step of faith requires me to trust that God has us close and hears our prayers. He understands our needs and desires. His faithfulness will see us through.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your calming presence in the middle of uncertainty. Please continue to pour your love and grace into my life as I homeschool my children. This unexpected path is one that I need wisdom, peace, and strength to walk. Thank you that you have promised this to those who trust you. Help me to remember this in the days ahead. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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prayer for unexpected homeschool mom

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