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5 Mom Prayers for Our Kids in An Uncertain World

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Looking for Some Mom Prayers During Uncertain Times?

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Two of my kids sat sobbing on my bed. Their tears, producing tears of my own, as I watched the anguish on their faces. I knew it was a time that some mom prayers were needed.

 “I don’t understand”, they said through their grief.  

“Why can’t I see my friends, go to my swim team, and go on our usual camping trips?

Why has everything been canceled? I hate talking to my friends on the phone all the time.”

My heart burst with angst and frustration as I watched their little minds process the anger that has been rampant in hearts globally the past few weeks. All our annual “fun” for summer had been reduced to TV viewings and empty places. 

Everything was from a distance or nonexistent.

I had no answers.  

I went to bed that night pleading with God to give me wisdom.  

mom prayers for uncertain times

My sleep was restless, as I worked my way through the realization that my kids, who were fairly healthy emotionally, were starting a downward spiral. Never had I experienced anything like this, nor had anyone I loved. 

I had no frame of reference and no one with whom I could glean wisdom or advice. My kids needed something I couldn’t offer, and so in my desperation, I ashamedly admit, I finally turned to prayer.

Why is it that at times like this, when I can’t fix things in our own power that I so often turn to prayer as a last resort? My continual reflection on prayer these past few months have led me to believe that I desperately need to turn to this first. My kids will benefit, I will benefit, and the vertical relationship I so treasure with the Savior will benefit.

So, as I formed prayers for my discouraged children, I found five areas that I desired to pray for them not only now, but as I continue to raise them to love God.

5 Mom Prayers For Our Kids

1. Pray for Courage

This world requires courage. Heroes of the faith, male or female, were often faced with new and challenging situations and it was necessary for them to lean into what God had called them to do with grit and bravery. 

Joshua, newly chosen to be the leader of the Israelite people after Moses’ death, heard these words from God. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9, ESV)

No matter what my kids face now, or in the days down the road, I want them to be able to lean into God for the strength they need and be able to stand courageously for all that they are being asked to do.

2. Pray for Resilience

In the face of fear, it is easy to succumb to fatigue and discouragement. As I pray for my kids to be courageous, I desire for them to be resilient. To be able to take challenges and persevere so that they can see something to the end. 

We know that life is about moving forward as much as it is about learning and growing. 

As I grow older, I often can accept cancellations easier than my kids. But for them, the current times maybe some of the first areas of disappointment they have experienced. Not being able to experience their normal activities is going to require them to have the perseverance to maintain joy and fortitude as they carry on.  

Paul tells believers in Romans 5:4 that “…endurance produces character and character produces hope….” There is a long-term effect when perseverance becomes ingrained in kids. 

This will bring about a strong character. Let us pray for this faithfully.

3. Pray for Understanding

“Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; His understanding is beyond measure” (Psalm 147:5, ESV). As I teach my kids to lean into their faith during a crisis, I pray that they will develop a strong understanding of God. 

That they will not lean on their own understanding but instead realize that God is the source of stability and faithfulness and in times of uncertainty we can turn to Him.  

My responsibility is to continue to talk with my kids in these areas and show them my own search for wisdom in God’s word. Talking with them and showing them examples of waiting for God in my own times of confusion will point them to eternal wisdom from above.

powerful mom prayers

4. Prayer for Sincere Love  

Social isolation has been hard for my kids. They are by nature kids that love being with others and enjoy long lazy days with cousins and others close to them. Their world has been reduced to social media, facetime calls, and Instagram videos.  

Conversations are consistently being had as we talk through images and tones they heard through these avenues. As they talk with their friends they pick up on sadness, loneliness, and frustration. 

They ask and they question, as we all do. They want to help, but they don’t know-how.

I Peter 1:22 reminds us to “…love one another earnestly from a pure heart”. Next to loving God, I pray that my kids will know and show sincere love to those they encounter. Teaching them to love others with pure motives and telling others how much God loves them will continue to foster this.

5. Prayer for Protection

Finally, as I pray for my kids, I pray for them to have protection. More than just physical, I desire them to have protection from cynicism, protection from anger, protection from the love of isolation.

Satan desires us to develop negative character qualities, and it is in these times I need to consistently pray that they will be clothed in the armor of God to be able to stand against the devil.

What about you? Are there kids in your life that can use these prayers? Maybe you feel led to pray one specifically for them each week, or maybe you feel they need all of them. Praying for our kids is one of the most powerful things we can do for them.  

As I began to pray these mama prayers, I realized they are as much for my kids as for my own heart. God sees our desires; He knows our cries. These truths have not changed despite the world around us.

Having the courage to voice these to God during our pain and confusion makes all the difference in our intimacy with the Father. Our kids need us now more than ever and the prayers we pray will empower us to see God perform amazing miracles in their hearts.

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5 Mama Prayers for Your Kids in an Uncertain World - Laura E. Sumpter

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