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Hey, Mama, You’re Not Alone! Godly Encouragement for Moms

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There is someone today that needs to hear some Godly encouragement for moms.

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Those days.

We’ve all had those days—you know the ones. You’re wearing your coffee rather than drinking it, you’ve been cleaning all day and the house manages to look worse, and the only thing that looks worse than the house is you.

Hey, mama, you’re not alone. I’m going to share some Godly encouragement for moms—that’s you.

It’s Happened to Me, Too

I recently had a day like this. From the moment both my sons’ eyes opened that one morning, it was pure mayhem. The sun arose, morning dawned, and craziness erupted.

I don’t think I even had time to comb my hair. It ended being wrapped in some sort of bird’s nest-like bun with a clip jammed into it. My clothes were drenched in spit-up within an hour.

Imagine that silly clown music playing while I ran, this way and that, through my house, trying to pick up and clean up while my toddler blew through those newly cleaned rooms, destroying them like a tornado.

I tried not to get dizzy while I huffed out, “Stop! Don’t touch that! Please don’t throw that! Let’s not jump on the coffee table…. No, you can’t pick up your baby brother, you’re one-and-a-half… wait! You’re going to spill—that…”

All. Morning. Long.

And that’s not all.

It was a rough day for my newborn, too. Between tummy troubles and his growth spurt, he was not a happy camper.

It wasn’t long before I had two, loudly crying babies. I’d pick up the newborn to soothe him and my tot would scream in despair. Then I’d put the littlest down and reach for my tot, only to have my newborn begin wailing at being laid down.

Finally, the three of us ended up on the couch, the newborn cradled in my left arm, the toddler leaning against my right side with my arm around him.

All of us, bawling.

No, I’m not exaggerating. That was one of the hardest days of my motherhood journey so far.

If you’re a mom, you’ve been here, too. If you haven’t… just give it time.

We Need Each Other to Be Real: Godly Encouragement for Moms

I don’t mean to be negative. We all know that motherhood is the most wonderful job we have—but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest.

This is where that Godly encouragement for moms comes in.

We need each other.

We need to keep it real, to be transparent, and to help each other out with our real talk, so that when “those days” happen to our fellow moms, they can at least feel reassured they’re normal. They haven’t failed some sort of secret, “perfect mommy test.”

It seems like nowadays, we see Supermom on Instagram with her 8 children lined up outside a farm-style home that looks like it’s been featured in a magazine, all of them looking polished and pristine and smiling.

Not to mention her body looks like she never gave birth to a single one of her 8 children.

Don’t buy it. Supermom may not even mean to be portraying that message. But it’s Instagram, where filters and “body-tuning” abound, and we scroll and feel worse and worse, and worse about ourselves.

Guess What? Nobody’s Got It All Together!

But Supermom has had those days, too. You might be looking at that photo, feeling like a failure, and never realize how long it took to get that one, perfect shot.

You’ll never see the 4 body shapers she’s got on, the bags under her eyes filtered out and smoothed away by sophisticated editing software, or the team of people hopping around and doing acrobatics to make all those munchkins smile.

You’ll never know how many ice cream bribes it took to get those kids dressed up and lined up for that photo.

Instead of looking at that photo and comparing yourself, send a chuckle and a “like” her way. She probably put in a lot of work for that photo, and now she can’t wait to put on her fuzzy slippers and that “comfy” shirt that hides how many cupcakes she’ll be eating after all that stress.

I’ve struggled with it, too. It takes a lot of willpower to fight the constant pressure to be “practically perfect in every way.”

Where has that pressure come from, anyway? Is it a result of the evolution of social media, or is it simply the accumulated influences of us moms feeling insecure and unwittingly creating a culture of “mom competition?”

Or, perhaps, both?

Remember, You’re God-Called

No matter the source, just realize that you, mom, are the most amazing human-being in your child’s life. You’ve stepped into a God-called role that you are more than capable of filling.

Seriously. Do you realize that you are raising, nurturing and cultivating little humans?

Think about that for a second.

That is one big job! 

It’s a little scary when you think of it like that, but it’s also a serious compliment.

My pastor once said, “God honors us with high expectations.”

Talk about Godly encouragement! Seriously!

He looked at you, and he said, “this woman is strong, capable, and determined. I’m going to give her the precious job of creating and raising my precious babies. I know she can handle it.”

He didn’t think about what you’d look like on the Gram, your weight, your nails, or your home-décor abilities. What he cared about was your inner strength, your heart, and your enduring love.

You totally passed.

It’s not always easy, but when you can, try and remember that God saw fit to put you in charge of raising those littles. He doesn’t have a single doubt in your abilities, and neither should you.

Connect with God

So in those peaceful moments (yes, they do actually happen), when your hands are covered in dish soap suds, the kids are napping or playing contentedly in the other room, don’t ever hesitate to bring all of this up to God.

It’s okay to have a brutally honest conversation with Him. He can handle your real talk, respectfully speaking.

That’s where you’ll find that strength, that Godly encouragement for moms that comes only from the Peacemaker. There’s a special grace, just for you, because you’re on one of the most sacred journeys of life—the journey of motherhood.

You’ve answered the call and stepped into the role of heroine.

The strongest heroines know when to hang the cape in the “forget it” closet and go straight to the Source.

It’s there that you’ll be so wondrously reminded that you’re absolutely, incredibly, beyond-a-doubt, unquestionably crushing it.


  • Elizabeth Jimenez

    Elizabeth is the author and founder of MamaFearless.com, a community that encourages mamas-to-be, first-time mamas and all moms to walk courageously into every season. Her miraculous pregnancy and childbirth experience impassioned her to create a place that waged war against fear on behalf of all mamas. She has written a few books for mamas and women and shares all the quirky little aspects of daily mom life on her Instagram page. You are continually in her prayers!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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