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The Best Bible Highlighters [No Bleed]

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When I say that I searched for the best Bible highlighters, I don’t mean that lightly. I have searched high and low and spent wayyy too much money trying to find the best highlighter for my Bible. When I finally landed on these, all I can say is…wow! 

(Just kidding. I can say way more than that haha. And I will!)

the best bible highlighters for 2023 written in pink on a white overlay of Bible highlighters on a Bible

Note: The Bible highlighters in the picture were given as a gift from the company when we notified them that we would be reviewing their highlighters. This had no effect on our review- we had already ranked them as our favorite. If you have questions though about our reviews or sponsored posts, email me at jessie@praywithconfidence.com- we do our absolute best to be as transparent as possible.

We read a lot of review posts for Bible highlighters before making our decision. We noticed that multiple sites give reviews of multiple highlighters. In all honesty, I couldn’t do that in a fair way. By far, Bible highlighters from the company Diversebee (click link to go directly to their site) are the absolute best. We felt too bad writing down other companies just to say that Diversebee was better.

Instead, we thought we would give you a glimpse of who Diversebee is, and why their products are so fantastic. We’ve included lots of pictures that will help you choose which ones to buy- because they have LOTS of options!

The different highlighters that we reviewed

Diversebee was so kind to send us multiple options for us to review. We loved them all! Seriously. Us picking a favorite is us being nitpicky. They’re all great to use, and it looks beautiful after as well.

The three types we reviewed were:

These highlighters can come in different colors. The color options were: pastel, earthy, and dusty. I thought the pastel would be my favorite by far, but I surprised myself by falling in love with the dusty set. If you want more variety in color I would go with pastel.


Definitely our favorite. Feel free to click the image to go straight to the link!

Get this journaling Bible here

Who is Diversebee?

Diversebee is a small family-owned business based in Texas. I love buying from family-owned businesses because when we buy from them we are supporting their family. I know I started a business to have more time with my kids, and I will always go for helping other families do the same thing. See their note below at the back of their highlighters.

Which set of Bible highlighters was the winner?

Hands down, their first set, the Bible highlighters (without the chisel top) was our absolute favorite. Honestly, it feels weird to pick a favorite though. All three different types, and all the different color sets, were awesome. Not only are they soft, easy-to-use, and sensory-wise feels amazing, but they look so beautiful when highlighted on the Bible as well. 

I’m not the craftiest person, but I can imagine that if you love coloring/designing in your Bible that these highlighters would be perfect for this. They don’t even feel like highlighters. Given how smooth they are, I was surprised that these were highlighters, but they work amazingly when you want to underline or highlight the Bible. I could see these being amazing to color code the Bible as well.

The highlighters below are our absolute favorites:

Final Thoughts

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different Bible highlighters that you can buy. We chose to recommend these because of the amazingly soft gel feel of these highlighters. You’ll truly love highlighting in your Bible with these. If you buy them, let us know how you liked them below in the comments! Also, make sure to find their other products here. Thank you DiverseBee for how you are making Bible time even more fun than it already is!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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