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May 28 Prayer

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Are you looking for a May 28 prayer to read and reflect on? We provide a guiding Bible verse, prayer questions, and example prayer for the day below.

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Bible verse for May 28

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;
    sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant. (Psalm 135:3)

Prayer Reflections for May 28

Our house was full – fuller than usual – and Christmas was approaching quickly!  My days were filled with all the usual stressors of a working mom’s life – people to please and appease at work, a tight schedule of managing home and personal tasks, and the desirable, yet sometimes daunting demands of church life and fellowship.  Add to all of that, our daughter, three littles and son-in-law asked to move in with us for a time!  Yes, life was full – and our house was fuller.  How could I possibly manage all that was requested and required of me?  I was thrilled that we would share Christmas with three of our grandchildren.  But our house is – well, um – not exactly huge.  


My husband and I simply could not decline their request.  After all, living with us was merely a temporary request so they could find a closer home.  Our sixteen-hour trip to see them would be greatly reduced once they decided upon a new place.  So, we rearranged, packed things away, and welcomed them to camp out in our small spare bedroom while the littles enjoyed pallet time in the living room.  Sleeping bags, pillows and blanket covered the floor.  Yet seeing their precious little faces each morning as I quietly slipped out for work was a delight.


Within a few weeks, the Christmas season was upon us.  Where would we find room to put the tree?  How could I find time to shop, and decorate, and cook, and … well, you know the many extra tasks that accompany holiday preparations.  Eventually, we carved out a corner for the tree and a plan was made.  We would turn the decorating task into what hopefully would be a memorable moment for the littles.  They were each awarded a small sum of cash and taken to the local dollar store where ornaments of their choosing would be this year’s decorations.  It was a delight to observe their developing personalities as each child selected varying items.


Eventually we returned home and the decorating began.  My husband retrieved the step stool so they could take turns reaching the upper branches with their treasured additions.  As the beauty of the tree decorating began to develop, an angelic sound began to fill the room.  Our oldest grandson created a sweet melody from deep within his soul.  The words were simple, yet stunning.  He sang over and over again, Praise the Lord – Praise the Lord – Praise the Lord.  Each note was pure, delicate, heartfelt.  A holy awe began to fill the room.  Everyone moved about, focused on their task and activity.  Yet the sound of pure worship was stunning, overshadowing everything else.  It was as though he connected to the words the psalmist wrote long ago …


Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant.   Psalm 135:3 NIV


Suddenly, all of our concerns melted away in that moment.  No longer were we concerned about cramped quarters.  No longer did we worry about having enough time or energy to complete all that was required and expected of us.  No longer did we worry about what the next day might bring.  Instead, we were raptured by the heart-felt tones of praise being offered to the Lord.  Yes, it is good to sing praise to his name!


When life demands more than you think you can give, remember to pause and praise.  It is, indeed, pleasant to praise the Lord.  And when heartfelt worship flows from deep within, a peaceful calm replaces concerns, leaving in its wake a holy awe for Him who created us and loves us dearly.


May 28 Prayer 

Lord, thank You for reminding us in Your Word that it is pleasant to praise You. May songs of praise for Your goodness well up within us and flow through us like a refreshing spring. Yes, it is good to praise You. Thank You for Your many kindnesses to us.

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  • Tanja Dufrene

    Tanja Dufrene passionately pursues an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and desires to encourage others in following Him.  She enjoys writing thought provoking devotionals posted as Warrior of the Word to various social media outlets, as well as monthly articles to her website www.WarrioroftheWord.faithHer books include character studies and devotional writings and are available on Amazon here.

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