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A Mother’s Prayer for Her Children

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As mothers we have a general knowledge of our parenting responsibilities, yet – no matter how hard we try – we can’t fully control who our children will become later in life. Only God is able to change their hearts to fit the plans He has for them.

This is why a mother’s prayer for her children is so incredibly important!

Prayers for our children should be offered to God on a daily basis, so that He can watch over them, and lead them away from the temptation to sin.

Let’s have a look at how exactly we can pray the best mother’s prayer.


1. Elements of Prayer

In order to pray for our children, we need to have a look at how to pray. What elements of prayer do we actually need?

The Lord’s prayer offers a great example of how to structure our prayers well.

Start Your Prayer With Praising God

In the Lord’s prayer, we can see that Jesus first acknowledges that God’s name is holy, that His kingdom is coming soon, and that His will be done {Matthew 6:9-10}.

We don’t have to start all our prayers with the same words. But thanking God and praising His name is an excellent start for a mother’s prayer for her children.

Pray for Others and Ourselves

It’s so easy to just focus on our own needs and wishes, but Jesus shows us we need to pray for each other too.

In Matthew 6:11-13 Jesus uses the words ‘us’ and ‘our’, not ‘me’ or ‘them’. We’re all sinners in need of His daily bread, of salvation.

So the middle section of our prayers can be filled with requests for others and ourselves.

Adding scriptures to remind yourself of God’s promises is fantastic too!

For example, 1 John 5:14-15 is a great verse to use. You can say something like: ‘For I know you hear my prayers. And that whatsoever I ask according to Your will, You will give me what I ask’.

End Your Prayer With God

Just as we started our prayer with praising God, so we can end our prayer with thanking God.

Remember also to acknowledge that His will be done, and to end with ‘In Jesus’ Name’ (or something similar). Because we know that whatever we ask in Jesus’ name, He will do it. That the Father may be glorified in the Son {John 14:13-14}.

2. Prayers for Our Children

There are many prayers we can offer to God for our children. Prayers for faith, prayers for good health, prayers for healing, prayers for wisdom,…

I created a few short prayers mother’s can pray for their children right here: ’10 Powerful Prayers for Our Children’.

3. An Example of a Mother’s Prayer for Her Children

Because there are so many different prayers we can pray for our little ones (and adult children), I’ve created a general prayer every mother can offer to God.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You’re our one and only true God who reigns upon His throne in Heaven. Our Father who gave His only begotten Son, so that we might live and have the promise of eternal life. Thank You, Father, for Your love, Your goodness, and Your grace.

I come to You and pray for [name of child]. I pray that he/she may love You and Jesus with all his/her heart, mind, and soul. I pray that You may lead him/her away from the temptation to sin and to obey all Your commandments.

Help him/her to love Your precious Word, and to grow up as a kind, caring, and loving man/woman.

Please, send your Holy angels to watch over him/her and keep him/her safe.

Bless him/her with good health and the knowledge that You will always take care of him/her.

Guide him/her through life to do Your will and to become a good and faithful servant.

Father, we look forward to the day Jesus returns to take us home. Until then, help [name of child] to grow in faith and get ready for that glorious day!

For Yours is the Kingdom, and power and glory. Thank You for hearing my prayer. May Your will be done, not mine.

In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen.


Get this prayer as a printable by clicking here or clicking below!



  • Ann Hale

    Ann lives in sunny Queensland (Australia) with her husband, daughter, and 2 cats. This stay-at-home-mum loves Jesus, studying the Bible (especially prophecy), and being creative. She started her blog ‘Fruitful Creativities’ in 2019 with the main focus to teach young children about Jesus in a fun and creative way.

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Deborah Brown

Wednesday 30th of August 2023

Thank you for the prayers for our child (ren). I need this. Thank you. I want to pass and share these prayers. Pray God gives me wisdom, as I desire to share . Thank you

Lynne Van Wagoner

Monday 17th of April 2023

I would love to have this printable to pray for my children each day. Thank you

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