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Prayers for Marriage Restoration

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Prayers for Marriage Restoration

Does your marriage feel a little strained lately? Have you recently separated from your spouse?

It can be painful and difficult when you have come to a place in your marriage where you don’t know if you will be able to keep your wedding vows but don’t lose hope.


God hears our prayers, and I have seen firsthand what God can do in a marriage that appears to be slowly crumbling!

When a Marriage Falls Apart

Several years ago my own marriage was in crisis. My husband had walked away from both his faith and his family.


He was involved with another woman and I had no choice but to reluctantly take my kids and leave. Leaving him was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but he had made it clear that he was done with our relationship.


I still loved him deeply and refused to give up hope that God could change my husband’s, hardened heart. I knew that God could bring him back into a relationship with the Lord, and hoped that somehow he would also end up back in a relationship with me.


During the time we were apart, I decided I had two choices. I could just move on, or I could commit to praying for my marriage to be restored.


I decided to pray earnestly, and those prayers for marriage restoration became a crucial part of the fight to save my marriage!


Prayers for Marriage Restoration

There is power in our prayers. God’s word tells us in James 5:16 “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” NIV


It’s amazing that our prayers can make a huge difference not only in our own lives but also in the lives of those around us!


I believe that without prayer and support, my own marriage would not have been restored, and my relationship would certainly not be thriving as it is today.


If you have found yourself in a broken marriage today, I hope you will apply these prayers to your own fight for restoration, and find them as helpful in your relationship as they were in mine.


Pray for His Heart

One important area you will want to focus on praying for when praying for marriage restoration is praying for the husband’s heart. If you are the husband, I strongly encourage you not to forget to pray these prayers for yourself as well as your spouse when praying for your marriage.


Pray Against Temptation

Prayers against temptation are extremely important. In this age where internet porn and dating apps are all just a click away on our phones, the temptation is a very real issue. Praying that God will remove the desire for him to explore things he shouldn’t be is an essential part of your prayers for your marriage.


One of the main things most couples need to work on when they are in the process of restoring their relationship is keeping their marriage pure and free from the distractions of others. Praying against temptation is one little thing you can do that will make a big difference in your relationship!


Pray for His Healing

When things begin to go wrong in our marriages, it’s very easy to get caught up placing blame on each other, however in the end, this doesn’t make anything better, it usually just makes our hearts more bitter against each other.


Regardless of who may be “more at fault” for things going wrong in your marriage, it’s important to set blame aside and begin to pray for healing from any hurt that may have happened as a result of bad choices that either of you have made.


Pray for Her Heart

As I mentioned above, it doesn’t matter whether you are the husband or wife, you should both be committed to praying for each other. As important as it is to pray for your spouse, don’t neglect to pray for your own heart and your own healing in this restoration process.


Pray Against Temptation

Society would like us to believe that women aren’t tempted like men are, however that is not entirely true.


While temptations for women can sometimes come in the form of looking for attention or support from outside of the marriage, recent studies have shown that the number of women who view pornography is growing rapidly.


No matter what temptations may look like for her, it’s important to acknowledge that if your relationship is failing, there is a strong possibility that the woman in the marriage may be tempted in one way or another.


Asking the Lord to guard her against such things will prove to be a good practice to get into when praying for marriage restoration.


Pray for Her Healing

No matter what the circumstances are in the straining of a marriage, there is no denying, it certainly takes a toll on both the husband and the wife.


Just as with the man, it is also so important to pray for the healing of the woman’s heart as well.


Feelings of betrayal or rejection can hit especially hard if there has been infidelity or the use of porn by the other spouse, so be sure to pray that God will heal any trauma and hurt that may have been caused as a result of them by either spouse!



Pray for Your Children

Husbands and wives who are dealing with issues in their marriage often make one big mistake…they think that the problems between them only affect them!


However, if there are children in the family I can guarantee that they are feeling things and dealing with their own emotions as a result of what is going on between their mom and dad.


One of the main reasons I decided I had to leave with my kids when my husband and I were having problems in our marriage was because I started to recognize how much things were hurting my kids.


I may have been able to look the other way a little longer when my husband was making secret phone calls, or not coming home for the night, but watching my sons have their hearts broken was simply more than I could bear.


In the end, my husband agreed that it was in all of our best interests for us to leave for a time while we figured things out.


Unfortunately, leaving didn’t really make it easier for my kids, it just brought about different struggles. My three young sons didn’t understand why their Papi was no longer in their life, (because we were in different countries) or why they never got to see him anymore.


Video calls just didn’t cut it, and all my kids had issues they were working through at that point.


As time went on, it dawned on me that I had been spending so much time in prayer for my husband, and our healing, but I had totally neglected praying for my kids and all that they were dealing with as a result.


There were a lot of huge changes taking place that were hard for me as an adult, who understood what was going on. For a 4-year-old, a 3-year-old, and 9 month old it was impossible for them to grasp what was happening.


Praying for my kids, and bringing them to a Christian counselor made a huge difference for them. It was a big help in their healing process.


I would strongly encourage any parents with kids to make sure to let your kids know they can talk to you to work through it all, and then take their concerns to the Lord in prayer.

Pray About the Future

If you are able to work through the issues in your relationship and have your marriage restored, make plans to move forward with a lot of prayer!


Sometimes when things are turning around and going better for us, it’s really easy to forget to continue praying about it. However, it is essential that you continue to pray for your relationship as you work on reconciliation and restoration.


Healing and repairing a marriage takes a lot of work and commitment from both partners, and it is definitely a process. This is not something that happens overnight.


It is so important to keep praying about your future as you continue to work through the things that have happened in your relationship. If possible, spend time praying together for your marriage and your family as you heal.


If praying together is not possible, remember that even when you are the only one praying about it, God hears your prayers and will help to carry you through the restoration process.


Final Thoughts

A good marriage can be a true blessing from God, but a failing marriage can hurt your heart in more ways than you could imagine.


If you have found yourself in a position where your relationship is causing you pain, it is my hope that you will be able to determine if your marriage can be saved, and then take the necessary steps to restore your marriage.


Remember that prayer is the first of many steps and can play a huge role in healing your relationship!


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