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Advent Blocks: The Countdown to Christmas!

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Want a new tradition to your stereotypical Advent calendar? Countdown to the birth of Jesus with Advent Blocks!

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Advent Blocks: A New Christmas Practice for the Advent Season

So what are Advent Blocks and why do we love them so much?

My story was similar to the About Us that the Good Kind Shop has. I had every intention of bringing Jesus into Christmas as much as our family possibly could, but I found myself feeling guilty for not following through with my intentions.

Then one Christmas Eve, my oldest son asked me why we made such a big deal about Jesus on Christmas Eve, but not Christmas Day itself.

The mom-guilt intensified. Here I was, imagining how much I was talking about God, but it was in blips and not in the day-by-day. I wanted the idea of Jesus being born to match the exciting environment they were already getting.

Enter Advent Blocks.

What are Advent Blocks?

Do you prefer video explanation rather than reading it below? We allowed our son to read the instructions first and then do his own review, so you can watch that below.

(Note: He was insistent that I didn’t read the instructions first, even though I glanced at them, and had me record. We later learned that at the end, you flip the block to show the letter, not the image. That is how you spell out a special message by the end!)

Advent Blocks are beautiful blocks that help families create family time each day with a 25-day guide. It is a great interactive kit for the Christmas season for any family that wants to create a new Advent tradition.

In the kit come 27 blocks. 25 blocks are days 1-25, but they have other messages on there! There is also a block with the world on it and also a star block. The box itself looks like a beautiful gift box!

With the Advent Blocks comes instructions as well as a beautiful devotional for the family to do every day.

Once you read it together, you can change the block from a number to a letter. By the last day, you will see a special message revealed! Fun, right?

We have them on our kitchen table in the pictures so it was easier for the kids to look at. We recommend placing them in the center of your home- for us that’s the mantle.

He also wanted to show you how long it was. So the scientific answer is, it is as long as an average 7-year-old’s arms. (Kidding!) This did easily fit on our mantle though.

These blocks were a winner for all three of our kids- even our middle child, our sweet girl, who was in serious need of a nap!

We are beyond thankful for a new family tradition. Now, each day of Advent will include meaningful moments for every member of my family- and true anticipation to celebrate the day that Jesus was born.

We encourage you to check out the Advent Blocks here and then let us know what you think!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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