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Best Prayer Journals for Women

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Get ready, because this is a great list that you’ll really want to save. If you’re a Christian woman looking to make your prayers more focused while being able to keep track of your prayer journey, this is for you. We’re talking about the best prayer journals for women!

Imagine this: writing down your thoughts to God every day. No more getting sidetracked or feeling too busy. These journals are like your hindsight roadmap being able to show answered prayers and big ways that God has shown up. They also help you feel more focused and less stressed.

So, grab a pen and get ready to discover prayer journals that can make your faith journey super exciting!

The Top 3 Best (And Most Unique) Prayer Journals

#1 Daily Prayer and Gratitude Journal

Ever want to start journaling at a random point in the year but can’t because journals tend to be year-long? No worries about this one!

This prayer journal acts as both a daily prayer AND a gratitude journal, which helps strengthen a prayer life like no other. Watch your faith deepen and your positivity grow at the same time.

This journal is of excellent quality too- find it here or click below!

#2 One-Line-A-Day Journal

Want to see answered prayers jump off the page at you? Try this five-year one-line-a-day journal. When I first used this, it was easy to write one line of prayer a day.

What I didn’t expect is seeing within a year how many prayers God answered that I completely forgot about!

Each day has 5 lines for five years. As the years go on, you will be able to see what you prayed for on that exact day 1,2,3, and 4 years before. Faith comes alive when we can see all the intricate ways God showed up in our lives.

Find the journal here!


#3 52-Week Prayer Journal for Women

This “52 Weeks Scripture, Devotional, & Guided Prayer Journal for Women,” is such a great annual tool for enriching your connection with God and nurturing your faith journey.

It’s actually more than a journal—it’s a comprehensive guide that’s here to empower you, whether you’re diving into individual worship or engaging in group Bible study.

Imagine this: a beautifully designed 8 x 10 journal filled with purposeful space, where you can pen down your reflections, prayers, and insights. With a total of four pages dedicated to each week of the year, you’ll have all the room you need to explore and express your thoughts.

But there’s more! Created by the talented author and artist Shannon Roberts, this journal is adorned with original illustrations on every page, adding an artistic and soulful touch to your faith-filled journey.

Here’s what a typical week in this remarkable journal looks like:

Scripture: Let a Bible verse kickstart your week on a high note. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the Word as you reflect on and meditate upon this verse. With time, you’ll even find yourself committing it to memory.

Reflect: Delve deeper into the verse’s message through a dedicated “Reflect” page. Thought-provoking questions and prompts will guide you to explore the verse’s relevance to your life, and you can jot down your own insights and feelings.

Journal: Turn the next two pages into your sanctuary of expression. Pour out your praises, share your prayer requests, unload the concerns on your heart, and articulate how you’re seeking God’s guidance. The space is yours to connect intimately with your Creator.

Answered Prayers: Watch God’s hand in action. This unique feature lets you track your prayers—how they transform, evolve, and ultimately get answered over the course of a year. It’s a visual testimony of your spiritual journey.

But that’s not all! The verses are thoughtfully organized into themes that encompass the core of your Christian walk:

  • Love & Inner Beauty
  • Provision & Faithfulness
  • God’s Love
  • Adversity & Trials
  • Awe & Sovereignty
  • Strength Through Faith
  • Fear
  • Grace & Forgiveness

This journal isn’t just about writing; it’s about cultivating a vibrant and evolving relationship with God. So, whether you’re seeking growth as an individual or longing to deepen your connections within a group, get ready to embark on a transformative year with the “52 Weeks Scripture, Devotional, & Guided Prayer Journal for Women.” It’s time to let your faith flourish!

Click here or the image below for more about this prayer journal for women.

prayer journal for women


In the realm of faith, prayer journals serve as more than just ink on paper—they become living proof of answered prayers!

As we journey through life’s busyness and challenges, these journals offer a tranquil space for conversation, reflection, and growth. Choose the best prayer journal for you, or grab them all because they are so different!


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