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January 10 Prayer

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A January 10 prayer that you can read through now, or save for later.

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Bible verse for January 10 Prayer

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. (Psalm 20:4)

90-second commentary about Psalm 20:4

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Questions to think about/pray through for your January 10 Prayer

1. Psalm 20 is a royal psalm as it discusses kingship and is written for a king. This particular verse, especially the beginning where our Bible verse of the day is, was specifically for pre-battle. The writer of this psalm was asking for the battle to succeed and for there to be victory. We may not be in an army type of battle right now, but there may be spiritual battles that we are facing. 

2. Two verses later, Psalm 20:6 says, “Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.” We know that in the end, God gives victory to all who follow Him and His word. We know the end, and that we are victorious. Think about the spiritual battle you are currently facing. What does it look like, knowing that in the end, we win with God?

January 10 Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven, On this day, we ask that you prepare us for the battle against spiritual warfare. We know that we receive victory because we are anointed (Psalm 20:6,) but be with us in the moments that we are fighting. Let us take victory in Your will and your way since your way wins! Amen.


Do you feel stuck in life with no way out of your challenges? Has your life stalled, making you think your life has ended? Trials and setbacks can lead to a negative mindset, causing you to miss out on God’s best. This is the resource for you if you are experiencing this.

Even if it looks like everything in your life has gone wrong, it is never too late. You are not out of God’s reach and your case is not hopeless. In every challenging situation, God can give you a new life. He is the God of new beginnings. This book was written by one of our contributing writers, Christel Owoo.



  • Jessie Synan

    Jessie Synan is a Ph.D. student in Bible Exposition who helps other women find their prayer focus in a distracting world. She went from her ADHD interfering with her prayer life to finding her own unique rhythms for prayer and encouraging other women to do the same. She is the founder of Pray With Confidence, which has helped over 10,000 women focus on prayer through the real and vulnerable advice she gives to those on her email list when they sign up for the free guide “How to pray [when you can’t focus.]”

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