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July 11 Prayer

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Happy July!  Are you looking for a July 11 prayer to read and reflect on? We provide a guiding Bible verse, prayer questions, and example prayer for the day below.

These all come from our July Bible Reading Plan about Living Waters, so click here for the printout so you can follow along with us!

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Bible verse for July 11

“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.” (Hebrews 10:22 NIV)


Grab the July Bible Reading Plan below!

Prayer Reflections for July 11

Honesty time: It was about a year ago that I fell asleep reading Leviticus. 
I really tried to get into it, but I was doing it on my own without seeking any outside help or resources or anything. And no matter what, I kept falling asleep reading Leviticus. 
It was when I looked into the mirror and saw an imprint of the words on my face that I realized I needed to do something to fix this. 
So I started seeking out every resource there was to teach me the deeper meaning of Leviticus and how it impacted my life today. 
Thanks to the Enduring Word Commentary, along with other resources, I found a lot of deeper parts that impact my life today. But one, in particular, was about the way that the Jewish people in the Old Testament sacrificed. It seemed that almost anytime someone sinned, there was not just an animal offering, but a long list of rules and regulations on exactly how to do that offering to receive forgiveness from God. 
After reading those long lists, I could not help but be utterly grateful for what Jesus did. By His dying on the cross, He became the ultimate sacrifice, so we did not have to do that any longer. We did not have to approach God with sacrifices, because when Jesus died the curtain was ripped and we suddenly no longer had barriers to reach God. Then, with Pentecost, we welcomed God the Holy Spirit into our hearts. 
Chapter 10 of Hebrews discusses exactly this. Hebrews 10:4 says “It is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins.” Hebrews 10:10 says that we have been made holy through the sacrifice of Jesus. No amount of sacrifice could forgive someone the way that Jesus did. The author of Hebrews explains all of this to call us to perseverance of faith. 
In order to persevere in faith, we are called to be honest with God. He knows us inside and out- He died for us- so it is up to us to draw to Him with a sincere heart and let Him renew us like water.

July 11 Prayer 

Dear God, I draw to you today with a sincere heart and with full assurance that faith brings. Let us hold unswervingly to Your hope, Amen.




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  • Jessie Synan

    Jessie Synan is a Ph.D. student in Bible Exposition who helps other women find their prayer focus in a distracting world. She went from her ADHD interfering with her prayer life to finding her own unique rhythms for prayer and encouraging other women to do the same. She is the founder of Pray With Confidence, which has helped over 10,000 women focus on prayer through the real and vulnerable advice she gives to those on her email list when they sign up for the free guide “How to pray [when you can’t focus.]”

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