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Opening Prayer For a Christmas Party: 10 Blessings

Thank you for sharing!

If you are looking for opening prayer for a Christmas party, we have you covered! 

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to bring people together in a joyous way.

Whether you have an event that is for Christians or a secular event, adding a prayer before a Christmas party dinner or another part of the event is a great way to remember the reason for the season and help people find Jesus. 

I remember a time that I went to a Christmas party and was asked out of the blue to lead everyone in prayer before dinner- what a shocker! I never want anyone to worry if that happens to them, so we have solutions for that too. 

Use the table of contents below or scroll on down to find some short Christmas prayers for a party for the Christmas season.

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opening prayers for a Christmas work party

Sample prayer for Christmas party

Below we have all types of sample prayers for opening prayers for a Christmas party. Make sure to let us know which one works best for you in the comments at the end!

Very short opening prayer for Christmas party

Sometimes, keeping it short and sweet is exactly what crowd needs. Even having an opening prayer for a Christmas party can be a big deal and invite someone into a later conversation about God. 

A great short opening prayer can be:

Dear Lord, We thank you for Christmas Day. Help us remember you in everything we do this holiday season Lord God. Give us divine wisdom to follow you and be your hands and feet exactly where you need us. In your name we pray, Amen.

short prayer for a christmas party

Opening prayer for an office Christmas party

Dear Lord, what a special time of year! We want to life up a short prayer for the best gift of all, the gift of Jesus. Thank you for His amazing love that has given us all abundant life. Amen.

opening prayer for an office party

Opening prayer for Christmas party- church event 

Dear God, we know you are a God that blesses the good times and the hard times. No matter what we are feeling this season, remind us of your goodness. May God remind us that we are the light of the world no matter what the enemy throws at us. Be our song of hope. Be our song of redemption. This is our humble prayer as we get together that you will turn everything for your glory. Merciful God we thank you for your gift of love, Amen.

Opening prayer for Christmas work party- church staff

Dear God, thank you for another year! It is amazing to see where we are this year versus last year. We know that this is not from our own accomplishments but from you showing up. We ask you to continue to show up in big and mighty ways this coming year. Help us point more people toward eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Prayer before meal Christmas party/Prayer for Christmas party dinner

O God, thank you for this wonderful time that we can all be together. What a reminder that Christmas is not about expensive gifts or grand parties, but instead, great joy is in celebrating each other and spending quality time together. Help us remember the most important thing- the joy of your birth. Our Christmas dinner prayer is that we can have thankful hearts for the life you have given us, and that our paths have all crossed. Bless this celebration of your birthday Lord Jesus, Amen!

Hosting a Christmas party prayer (when it is a Christian crowd)

Holy Spirit, move in this party. Give us the reminder from today up until Christmas morning and through Christmas evening who you are and what your power can do when your servants say yes. Help us take the joy from today and use it to share who you are and change the world. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Hosting a Christmas party prayer (at a more secular party)

Lord, thank you for using this party to remind us of the merry Christmas we are about to have. Help us end this year great and have a glorious New Year. We ask for grateful thoughts, good desires, and good things in your name. Amen!

Uh oh! You’re asked to pray the prayer and you weren’t expecting it!

This is a trick that we use whenever we are asked to pray unexpectedly. Well, not a trick, but a way to help us when we are “frozen in place.” The acronym is TOG-B, and goes like this:

  • Thank you
  • Others
  • Group
  • Blessings

First, you start the prayer by Thanking God. Next, you pray for others. Next, you pray for the group that is there. Lastly, you pray for blessings. 

Here is an example of how TOG-B would work as an opening prayer for a Christmas party:

Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful day for this wonderful event. We ask that you remember others that are struggling this year and ask that you are with them and provide them miracles. Please be with our group here and help us be the hands and feet of Jesus this season. Bless this party and help us to find joy in you above everything else, Amen.

Try practicing TOG-B from time to time to get used to it. That way, if you are ever asked to pray in front of people, whether it is an opening prayer for a Christmas party or anywhere else, you are prepared and ready!

Opening prayer for Christmas work party- hospital or nursing staff 

O Lord, we are told in your great word that you will not forget our work or the love we have shown in your name (Hebrews 6:10.) Remember us and hear our prayers, especially in times when working here is challenging. Show us miracles when they are needed the most. Be with the families and loved ones that did not expect to send Christmas here, and help us to be Christmas cheer where it is needed most, Amen. 

Christmas Prayer FAQ’s

How do you start a Christmas prayer?

A great way to start a Christmas prayer is to thank God for Christmas itself. No matter where we are praying, we wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the birth of Jesus.

How do you start an opening prayer?

It sounds cliche, but the best way to start an opening prayer is from the heart. Being honest reminds people that they can talk to God in a way that is comfortable for them also. It can be as simple as “Hi God, thank you for…”. If we had to give any piece of advice on how to start an opening prayer, it would be thanking Him for all He has done.

What do you say during an opening prayer?

During a Christmas prayer, you can say what it is in the heart, but we recommend prayers that are a couple of sentences so it can resonate with people. Thanking God for the Christmas event, and season, and asking for blessings can be a great prayer.

What do you say before opening a prayer?

Before opening prayer, it is kind to let people know that you will be praying and that people can join along however they are comfortable. That way, it is not pushy but welcoming all to the best way to connect with Jesus.

Final Thoughts

Christmas work parties. Christmas church staff parties. Office parties and more. There are so many different parties during the holiday season! We hope you use some of these opening prayers for a Christmas party to ring in the season and the wonderful news that Jesus has to share with the world this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!


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Arlyn Roa

Friday 24th of November 2023

Your thoughts of prayer are so beautiful and powerful. Thank you for all your suggestions. It helps me so Much composing my prayers. I become more organized of my thoughts in praying. Thank you . More power to you. God bless you more than you can imagine.

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