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13 Insightful Prayers For Teachers & School Faculty

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Want to find the perfect prayer for teachers but not sure where to start?

Looking for God’s fingerprints to show up all over this new school year? Or are you a family member/friend of a teacher and want to know how to pray for them? We have you covered! Find these school prayers for teachers, as well as for others to pray for teachers. 

These prayers work whether you are praying for teachers in public schools, private schools, online schools- or if YOU are the teacher! They also work if there is not much time until school starts or if you are right in the middle of a school year.

Check out the table of contents below to find the best prayer for you at this moment.

Note: Prayers for teachers are the prayers we can pray over teachers, while the “teacher’s prayers” are the ones for teachers to pray.

Prayers for Teachers

Prayers for first-time teachers 

Lord God, I know that you are your shepherd and so we lack nothing. Remind this first-time teacher that today. Let this teacher know inside and out that they are prepared and that you will not leave him/her or forsake him/her (Deuteronomy 31:8-9.) In your powerful name, we pray, Amen. 


Prayer for my kids’ teachers/my grandchild’s teacher

Dear God, May the love of the father be evident in every part of my child’s school year. Bless their teachers, as well as any faculty that they engage with during the year. Help their teacher find peace and comfort during the year, and help the students interact with their teacher in loving ways. In your name we pray, Amen.

Prayer for the teacher in his/her last year of teaching

Lord, let nothing stop good days in this last year of teaching. Give him/her a calm heart and a reminder that his/her bright light and true knowledge have changed the school he/she is in. He/she is a special teacher that has done countless years of hard work. Let that good work be evident in the kids’ lives throughout their lives. Allow people in his/her life to remind him/her of the significant impact that has been made. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Praying for retired teachers

O God, bless the forever teachers and professors. Speak to them in gentle and kind ways, reminding them of their value each and every day. Thank you for the years that they gave to education, and help the right people cross into their life to remind them how much those years mattered. Remind them that they will never know just how many lives they impacted until they go to heaven. Amen.

Prayer for the safety of teachers and faculty

O God, protect the students, teachers, and faculty this year. We ask for a hedge of protection covering their school to make sure that no harm will come to it. Please be with each person that enters the school and give them a heart of peace. Give vigilant eyes and brave people who will report anything that seems not right. Be with each one of them and remind them how much you love them and will take care of them. Amen.

Prayer for high school teachers

Dear Lord, thank you for our high school teachers. We say this special prayer that each teacher can find the drive in each kid that helps them best prepare for the future. Provide patience and discernment to work with each student on where they need to be. In your precious name we pray, Amen.

Prayer for middle school teachers 

Dear God, we praise you for those that have the heart to be middle school teachers. We ask you to bring comfort and peace for those strong enough to handle all types of emotions during some of the toughest years. Help each teacher remind each student just how wonderful they are. In your mighty spirit, Amen.

Prayer for elementary school teachers 

Dear Jesus, bless the elementary school teachers. Each time they show an abundance of patience, give them reminders of just how much you love them and have placed them in this calling for a reason. Give them the energy and stamina they need for the school year to be the light of the world for an age group that desperately needs to know God’s love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for college professors

Dear God, thank you for college professors. We ask that you bless each college professor that helps bring a student to where they need to be in higher education. Help the professor with the balance of research, education, and home life, and have every purpose circle back to you. Amen.

Teacher Prayer for spouses/partners

Most merciful God, you know I always desire my spouse to be the favorite teacher, so the world can see her the way I see her. Yet I know that his/her fear of the Lord will make sure that the Holy Spirit moves the way it is supposed to move in the classroom this year. Remind him/her daily that his/her important role is life-changing for her students, and what happens this year will have great blessings now and in the future for them. Please provide the spirit of wisdom for both of us so he/she knows what is best each day and I know how to best support each day. Amen.

Teacher’s Prayers (specifically for teachers to pray)

These following prayers are specifically for teachers to pray over themselves and the upcoming school year.

Teacher’s Prayer as a first-time teacher

O God, Help me be a good role model in and out of the classroom. Guide me in what is the right measure for each student when it comes to both praising and disciplining and to make sure it is always genuine praise I am giving. Let this be a safe place for students, and may they always be my main focus no matter what. Amen.

Christian Teacher’s Prayer

Dear Jesus, help me to strive for peace with everyone, as well as find ways of holiness without which no one will see God (Hebrews 12:14.) Guide me into being a fine teacher this year, but by your standards, even if that doesn’t align with the world’s standards. Let me put you first with students following right behind as priority. Bless the other teachers and every staff member at this school that we may have a great school year. Amen.

Teacher’s Prayer for the last year of teaching

Lord, please allow me to feel the presence of your spirit this year. Help those that go on after me be able to see the difference between difficult parents and true signs of abuse. Help me to have nothing come from my mouth except helpful words. Let me be a listening ear for those that need it, both students and faculty. Lord, allow me to be more than just a friendly face but instead exude the wisdom of God and the joy of God and his eternal glory, Amen.

Teacher’s Prayer for retired teachers

Dear God, thank you for getting me through all of those years of teaching. Please be with me as I navigate life outside of education now. Help me learn new parts of me while not losing old parts of me. Also, please bless the teachers this year that are still working. Let the world understand students’ limitations as equally as they understand the amount a kid can be positively pushed into the direction of change for the better. In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for burnout prevention 

Father God, it feels silly for me to ask for burnout prevention as I already feel weary before the school year has taken full force. But here I am, laying it all out before you. I’m seeking your guidance and your direction to help me stay focused on what matters most. Teaching seems to get harder every year. Today, I will declare in your name that the cycle is broken and this year is the most peaceful year yet. Amen.

Prayer for financial provision 

Dear God, teaching is hard enough. I wish I didn’t have to worry about finances on top of it. However, I know that you can turn anything into good. I know that you will provide me with what I need. May I receive reminders of your glory and goodness. Please watch over me and make sure I am never in need this year. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Teacher’s Prayer for teachers wishing for a career change 

Dear God, I am weary and worn out and done with being a teacher. I ask you to open the right door to help me find the best path. Please use my knowledge and my skills and connect them with a place that needs me right now. Help line up great timing with a great opportunity and for a peaceful transition, Amen.

Teacher’s Prayer: For the teacher that says daily that she’s changing careers but deep down wants to stay 

Lord God, you know I want out. I know I do important work, and I am thankful for the time you have given me, but I want out of being a teacher. Yet, every time I try to leave I feel you as a gentle guide leading me back to the kids. Please provide me with the abundance of your wisdom. Help me to follow your will instead of my own and place me where I need to be. Do this while aiding me to find the positive parts of teaching and avoid as much burnout as possible. In your name I pray, Amen.

High School Teacher’s Prayer

Almighty God, Thank you for blessing me with students that are on their way to establishing their own paths. Allow my classroom to be a safe place for healthy conversations, deep discussions, and room to grow and prepare for the future. Let your light shine through me and help people ultimately find you. Amen.

General prayer for faculty (as a faculty person) 

Dear Lord, we know through and through that it takes a village. Each and every one of us as faculty members matter. Help me see every single person that works in this school this year as a child of God. Help remove any previous connotations I have of any person and give this school year the freshness it deserves. As your mercies are new every morning, help me to go to school every morning with the right attitude, Amen.

Prayers for all staff at the school

General prayer to pray over faculty members

Heavenly Father, please help every faculty member feel seen and recognized. Remind them that their worth is in You and that their work is to help glorify you by being your hands and feet. Please place the best people in their life this year to validate them and help them to have a great and successful school year. Thank you for helping these people be the light of the world in your name. Amen.

Lord, we ask you to bless the principals. The janitorial staff. The teaching assistants. The bus drivers. The lunch staff. The school secretaries. The guidance counselors. The special education teachers. And more. Let each and every voice be heard and reminded that they matter in the school. Amen.

Prayer for Sunday School teachers 

Lord, we ask you to be with all Sunday school teachers of this new school year. Aid all Sunday school teachers to be instruments of your peace, and help them carry out the knowledge of God and make great impact on God’s kingdom, Amen.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that you can use this guide to pray over teachers or pray as a teacher. May the holy love of God be evident as fingerprints on every part of the school year. May God bless you this year. 



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