What Your Simple Prayers Really Mean

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“This is silly. There’s no way God even hears these simple prayers.

Has this ever gone through your mind? Is this possibly you, right now?

If it is, or has ever been, then there is something you need to know.

God adores your simple prayers.

Let’s talk about it. 

Simple Prayers: God As a Friend

We all have that friend. You know the one. Every conversation is a big one—full of big stories, big problems, big drama. It may be exciting and funny for a while, but after a bit… it becomes a little much.

We all know someone like that. They’re an incredible and lovable person, but a little taxing, nonetheless.

Sometimes, the most refreshing and enjoyable times with friends are the simple times, with quiet conversations, friendly giggles, sometimes just companionable silence.

Not much is required, demanded, wailed, or cried about. It’s just a simple time of conversation, where you part ways feeling totally fulfilled.

God feels the same way about you. Remember, in the beginning of time when He created the world? He loved it all, said it was good, and then he created man—for fellowship.

Simple Fellowship

He met Adam and Eve in the garden and he walked with them and talked with them. Adam and Eve didn’t need to ask for anything in this perfect environment. It was a simple relationship, a friendship.

It was the same with Noah. In the midst of chaos, when the world was so bad God actually felt sorry he’d created man, there was Noah. Noah walked with God.

It was a simple relationship, a close one—one that God could totally and completely trust. In fact, he trusted Noah enough to do something completely crazy and unthinkable in the eyes of the rest of mankind.

He didn’t have to beg Noah. He simply just instructed him. They had that kind of friendship. In return, Noah and his family were spared.

God adores you in that exact way. It’s easy to feel like our “little, simple” prayers are inadequate—maybe even silly. But God loves those prayers.

When you take your coffee to your back porch in the crispy morning and say, “thank you, Lord, for this new day,” He is excited to meet you there.  And then you proceed to just be grateful for the beauty around you and for breath in your body. You are now that beautiful friend that is just so refreshing to be around.

Creating the Eden Environment

You’ve once again created that “Eden” environment, where communion between you and God flows smoothly, like good friends with a long history.

On those days when you feel down, drained, even despairing, and you take your coffee to your back porch with a heavy sigh, He is still there.

That simple prayer becomes a heartfelt request, and guess what? He’s all ears. Because you’ve created this beautiful relationship with your simple prayers. You’ve created a memorial of prayer, like Cornelius in the book of Acts.

There’s this place with God where you can feel totally confident praying simple prayers, because you know that’s the kind of relationship you have with Him.

It’s the same confidence Noah had; the same confidence God had in Noah.

He reminded Elijah in the Old Testament about it, too, with a still, small voice.

The gentle voice of friendship.

There’s depth there, my friend. There’s healing, faith and power to be found there. That’s the place to bring up your wayward children or your financial struggles.

It’s the place where you share your thankfulness, your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams and plans.

And it’s the place where God can speak to you in that still, small voice. It’s where He can speak simply and gently, because your friendship is that kind. 

This is a peaceful place, a place of friendship and long memories.

“God, remember that time when I didn’t know what to do and You brought me a miracle? God, I remember that. And I know that if you saw me through that, you can see me through this. So, I just want to thank You for being so kind, for always protecting me and seeing me through.”

It’s beautiful to God, and it’s a powerful, faith-building prayer for you, too. There’s a place for intercession, for supplication and travail, but always remember the beauty and power of your relationship with God, and all those amazing talks between you.

He’s your friend. You’re His. Nothing you say to Him is silly, and He loves talking with you, because you’re close, close friends.

So, get your coffee. Step out on your back porch and feel confident and expectant, because you have a dear Friend who is already waiting to meet you there, waiting to relish those beautiful, simple prayers.

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  1. This is an awesome reminder. Sometimes I get that feeling of maybe I need to pray with more intensity to get answers. God hears my simple prayers too 💃

  2. I have found that it’s the simple prayers I pray, that allows me to feel the purest form of my relationship with God. It’s important to know that He cares about the smallest of things in your life, just as much as the most meaningful.

  3. In life’s darkest valleys we learn how close a friend God is and how nothing we say is ever trivial. Thanks for your thoughts Elizabeth!

  4. I really enjoyed this post and its raw pull at my heart. I do believe that God hears all of my quiet prayers and whispers but at times I forget to talk to Him. Thanks for the beautiful reminder of His presence.

  5. This is a great topic to delve into as Christians and something I’m tryin to teach my kids. It doesn’t matter how it when you pray, out simple prayers are still ways of talking to God! It can be just like having a conversation with your best friend!

    1. It’s funny you say that because we talked about that at dinner last night! My 5 year old told my husband his prayer was too short. We tried to explain that just like a friend, sometimes your conversations are short but powerful 🙂

  6. Thank you for the reminder that simple prayers hold power. We do not have to get caught up in what words we use, we have to want to seek His face more than anything else. He hears our simplest and our grandest prayers.

    Thank you for this post !

  7. I’m most often reminded to pray those simple prayers when I’m outdoors. There’s just something about nature, in particular the song of birds, that slows me down, remind me to take a deep breath, and just praise God.

    1. I really enjoy your website and your message about the importance of prayer. Thank you for the encouragement especially in simple prayers. It’s a good reminder to carry with me.

  8. I am enamored with a life lived in continual prayer and communion with God. Simple prayers are a practical way to bring that into our everyday routines. Thanks for this sweet reminder!

    1. I’m so thankful for Elizabeth because I really tend to overcomplicate things when I think of a life of continual prayer!

  9. This sentence just melted my heart: “This is a peaceful place, a place of friendship and long memories.” After almost 40 years of being a Christian, how do I constantly forget how simple and refreshing my relationship with God can be?

  10. Elizabeth– I like this term, simple prayers. Make it sound like it is so easy and that you don’t have to have it all together if you are new to praying. After I finish my devotional time in the morning (journaled prayer), then these simple prayers is pretty much what I am doing all day, off and on.

  11. I’m not sure why we complicate praying but you’re right, simple prayers are really all we need. Just like talking to a friend.

    1. I used to complicate conversations when I was first making friends with someone, just part of the process I guess :):)

  12. This is so encouraging to read! Sometimes we get so focused on how to pray and what to pray that we forget to simply have a relationship with Jesus. I’m so thankful for a God who hears our simple prayers!

  13. Love this blog. It’s so true that we sometimes think we need extra effort to get God’s attention, but a simple prayer is enough. Thanks for the reminder

  14. This is beautiful Elizabeth! Alot of times the only prayers I have the strength to pray are small and may seem insignificant to others who can pray elaborately. But God wants me to express my heart, the things He personally already knows is in there. Alot of times simple prayers are the most real and heartfelt between Papa God and His Daughter … ❤

  15. What an encouraging post! I love your distinction about the way the Lord spoke to Adam and Eve, and to Noah. He is a good Father; it’s such a blessing to know that our simple prayers are heard!

  16. This was a wonderful reminder that simple prayers are such a beautiful way to connect with God. I needed this to remember that even the short and sweet, “Help me” is please to the Lord, and that I don’t need to be the most poetic or spend two hours in prayer to have a good relationship with Him. I just need to include Him in the everyday, simple moments of life.

  17. What a lovely post! Sometimes it is the simple prayers that have the greatest impact! Something I do love is the fact that even though I don’t know what to say at times, I can rest in peace Knowing that He knows my heart!

  18. What joy to know that our relationship with God is no different than that of a close friend or a lover. Those silent whispers and even unsaid words that He who created the heart can read and hear. I’m comforted knowing He requires no spiritual gymnastics to answer my prayers. He says He sees the heart … 1 Sam. 16:7. Thank You Abba that simple will do!

  19. When I was younger prayer I was so focused on saying the “right” words when God only wanted my sincere words. Shifting made a big difference.

  20. I love simple prayers. Just as l am, vulnerable and exposed. And finding safety and security in the Everlasting arms. Especially when you learning how to pray. I sometimes see my new Christian friends not knowing what to say. And l forgot because growng up in church as a pastor’s kid you can forget how l might have learned by practice and through example. Not all new Christian’s have this mentorship. Thank you for sharing!

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