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  • Jessie Synan

    Jessie Synan is a Ph.D. student in Bible Exposition who helps other women find their prayer focus in a distracting world. She went from her ADHD interfering with her prayer life to finding her own unique rhythms for prayer and encouraging other women to do the same. She is the founder of Pray With Confidence, which has helped over 10,000 women focus on prayer through the real and vulnerable advice she gives to those on her email list when they sign up for the free guide “How to pray [when you can’t focus.]”

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Rosie Perez

Thursday 29th of June 2023

I just became one of your newest members or listeners. I have always struggled on staying focused when I am praying. You are a very young woman and I am way older than you....Will be turning 70 in a few short weeks. NTL, as stated I have always had a hard time when I pray as my mind wanders and then I have to try and recall where I left off, but I do put God as the first thought when I arise in the morning, and when I go to bed at night! I am sure with the other devotionals I receive; you will be one that will bring inspiration and Godly knowledge to my life because is that not what we should all try and receive? Thank you for you devotion to HIM and for your time and efforts to bring more prayer into this world!

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