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Birthday Prayer For Myself: 50 Meaningful Prayers for You

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I have to admit something: I’m usually really bad at thinking of a birthday prayer for me. As we get older we spend less time thinking about our own birthdays and more about those around us. But it can be a huge blessing to write down or pray inspirational birthday prayers for ourselves.

This may seem hard to do, but let me encourage you in this, and show you how.

My Inspiration For Crafting My Personal Birthday Prayer

Everyone’s situation is different, but for me, when I think of creating my birthday prayer,  I have a special (and awesome) reason: I’ve always shared my birthday. 

Growing up, I had the same birthday as my grandfather (and my grandmother was born one day later.) My best friend in school was born the day before me. Actually, two really great friends were both born the day before me. In college, I roomed with 5 other girls, and 4 of us had birthdays within a 30-day span.

Once I graduated college, I was a bit sad that I had no one close to me to share my birthday with. Of course, I still had my best friend, but I didn’t always live in the same area as her. 

And then I met my husband, who happens to have the same exact birthday as me. He’s two years younger though and he won’t let you forget it, haha!

I say all of this because I struggled with praying for myself on my birthday. For me, the fun of my birthday was that it wasn’t about me, it was usually about someone else. Which I liked because I didn’t like the spotlight. 

For those that don’t like the spotlight, birthdays can be tricky. But we want to make sure to take some time to pray to God. 

Because of this, we created a list of personal birthday prayers. Some are praises to God, some are wishes, etc. I categorized it below to make it as simple as possible. So check out the table of contents below and pick what is best for you!

An Inspirational Personal Birthday Prayer for Myself 

The best birthday prayers are ones that come straight from the heart. Use this birthday prayer below as a guide to creating your own special personal birthday prayer.

#1 Dear Lord, on this birthday of mine, I thank you for another year of opportunities to serve you. Help me to walk this year in grace and gratitude. Guide me to follow your path more each day. Amen. 

personal birthday prayer for myself

Happy Birthday (prayer to me!) 10 Birthday Prayers Straight From The Bible

When I am coming up with a birthday prayer for me, I try to go to the Bible. 

Actually, lately, I’ve been trying to go to the Bible more often when I pray, because I know I’ll be praying for God’s truth that way. 

These happy birthday prayers are created and inspired by Bible verses. We linked to each Bible verse so you could see the comparison.

#2 May the Lord bless me and keep me, the Lord make his face shine on me and be gracious to me, the Lord turn his face toward me and grant me peace, Amen. (Numbers 6:24-26)

#3 Lord, as I am reminded about another year, I know that there will be a day that I will no longer have the sun shine for light by day, or the brightness of the moon to give me light, but I will have the Lord for everlasting light. Help lead me into another great year towards eternal life with you, Amen. (Isaiah 60:19)


#4 God, thank you for making me your handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which you prepared in advance for me to do. (Ephesians 2:10.) Help me to do this in my new year of life, Amen.

#5 Lord, this is the day that you have made, let me rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)

#6 I choose today to delight in you, please help me to see the desires of my heart today. (Psalm 37:4)

#7 Dear God, with the long life you are providing me I will satisfy you and show you my salvation, Amen. (Psalm 91:6)

#8 O Lord, I am grateful that no matter what gift I get, nothing will be in comparison to the glorious gift you gave all of us, Amen. (John 3:16)

#9 Thank you God, not only for your birthday but for your indescribable gift of Christ Jesus! (2 Corinthians 9:15)

#10 Thank you, O God, for adding years to my life. I take today to remember the gift of life you have given me. (Proverbs 9:11)

#11 God, thank you for making grace abound to me, so having everything I need, I can abound in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Want to buy yourself a birthday gift that will last 5 years? Try the 5 year prayer journal- only one line a day. See your answered prayers come to life!


FAQ’s about personal birthday prayers for myself

When I am creating a birthday prayer for me, I know it’s ok to ask questions. It’s okay for you to ask questions too! It’s not like we write a birthday card for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot wish ourself a happy birthday with personal birthday prayers. 

What can I say to myself on my birthday?

It’s okay to say best wishes for yourself! The best thing you can say to yourself on your birthday is a prayer. Pray to God from the heart, and ask for your heart to align more to His.

What is a good birthday prayer for myself?

When I struggle with a prayer, I do P. R. A. Y. Pray, recite (use God’s word in your prayer), ask, yes (commit to what God wants from you.) Here is an example of PRAY in action: Almighty Lord, I praise you for another birthday and another brand new year. I thank you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I ask that you help this be the best year yet. I will follow your will this year, Amen.

What is my Bible verse for my birthday?

Many people start a new year with a “word of the year,” I love picking a Bible verse for each birthday. To help you with this, go to Bible Gateway and type in a word that God may be speaking to you, or a word that you are currently struggling with. Find Bible verses based on that word.

Finding the Best Birthday Prayer for Me: Birthday Prayers by Category

We have categorized the best birthday prayers for yourself below. Don’t let these stop you from praying to God how you would like to pray, but let them be guides as a way to connect with God if you are struggling to find the right words. 

Really Short Birthday Prayers for Myself

#12 May these short prayers help you not only during your special time, but throughout your year as well. 

#13 Holy Spirit, help me to create a life of happiness that matches your will this year, Amen.

#14 Dearest Heavenly Father, help me to make sure the desires of my heart do not get in the way of your remarkable blessings, Amen.

#15 Dear God, Every birthday is a blessed birthday because of your unconditional love. Amen.

#16 Thank you for a beautiful day, may it lead to a wonderful year, Amen.

#17 You are the God of great things. Thanks be to God, not just on my birthday but every day!

#18 My special birthday prayer is to use each day, not just my birthday, to remember your divine love. Amen. 

#19 A good time and a happy life are great, but use today to remind me how wonderful you are and how everything you created is amazing, Amen.

#20 May I use this year to make good decisions that lead me closer to you.

#21 Lord, lead me closer to you every day this year, Amen.

#22 On my birthday Lord, I ask for many happy returns of the day but also to be filled with gratitude that I am alive today for another year with you. In your gracious name I pray, Amen. 

Birthday Prayers Reflecting God For the Past Year

A birthday is a great time to stop and reflect on the previous year. Thank God for birthdays, as they give us a purposeful way to divide the years of our lives. 

Here are some birthday prayers to reflect on the past year below.

#23 Dear Lord, how do I reflect on all the good things that happened in the last year? I know you have answered more prayers than I will ever realize or imagine. I know you have sheltered me from harm that I don’t even know about. And that’s on top of all the blessings that I do know I received! Thank you for everything Lord, Amen.

#24 As I reflect on the previous year, Lord God, I think of all the times that were the best time because of the grace of God. For me, this is the finest birthday because I can reflect on the creator of heaven and have a fresh start with you this year and every year. Help me to make your light shine and to make that the best thing I do today and every day. In the mighty name of Lord Jesus, Amen.

#25 Help me remember what a beautiful year last year was, no matter what happened. It was beautiful because your amazing grace was all over it. In Jesus name, Amen.

#26 It is another year today, and I am grateful that your mighty wings have protected me (Psalm 91.) I know all of this happened because of the blood of Jesus Christ. No one knew what you had planned for me on the day of my birth, but the occasion of my birthday has given me a unique opportunity to remember the divine blessings of your immeasurable love. Thank you for a new day, and a new year of my life, Amen.

#27 Dear God, thank you for a better life this year. This is just one great day of my life thanks to you. With each passing day, remind me of your goodness. Remind me that there will be tough days and better days, but in my own life I have seen you move mountains, and I will see you do it again this year. Thank you God, Amen!

Birthday Blessings for the Special Day Today & the Next Year

#28 May I use this very special day today to reflect upon the countless blessings you have provided me. If I only listed the blessings you have provided me today, I would go on for an infinite amount of time. There is no way to ever explain everything that you have ever done for me. Please bless this next year ahead and make it the best year yet! Amen.

#29 Dear Lord, I am eternally grateful to have another birthday. That is the biggest blessing. I ask that I wake up each day for the next year thankful for what you have done. As I increase in gratitude, I ask that blessings increase also so that I may continue to do your work. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

Birthday Prayers Praising God

Just like the Psalms start and end with praising God, we can align our prayers to be the same way! Use these personal birthday prayers to praise God for everything He does, but also everything He is. Even if we didn’t feel any of His blessings we still serve an amazing, glorious God!

#30 A new age, a new day! I am so thankful for my birthday today. Thank you God for paving the way!

#31 Dear Father, Thank you for another year of life! Allow me time today to reflect on what you have done in my life that is so specific that I know it can only come from you. Amen.

#32 Almighty God, I am older today thanks to you, and for that I am grateful. Help me find creative ways to praise you today in ways for the world to see, Amen.

#33 May this birthday remind me to praise you all the days of my life. As each birthday comes, let it be a reminder for me to increase my praise and gratitude for you.

Birthday Prayers for Good Health 

#34 O God, Please help me to have a healthy life. I know health isn’t what makes me a happy person, but let it be a 

#35 O Lord, May this be a year of perfect health so I can focus on good works in your name, Amen.

Personal Birthday Wishes for Strength

#36 From the bottom of my heart, I pray that good fruit is beared so I can share it with all of those that desire to walk with you, Amen.

#37 May the blessings of God overflow on this special day and each day going forward. May God increase my strength daily to walk in His ways.

#38 O merciful Lord, please forgive me for any sins I have done up until now. Allow me to not wallow in my sins, but to use them to turn them into strengths of growing your kingdom here on Earth. Amen.

Praying for Others with Birthdays Today

As I said in the beginning, happy birthday prayers are fun when they are for others as well! If you know anyone who has the same birthday as you, or a close birthday, you can use these prayers to be praying for them as well as for you.

T#39 o my dear friend, In this coming year, May God bless you and keep you and use you to be a city on a hill.

#40 May God’s blessings lead to a long life full of good fortune and a peace of mind. May all the best things in life be from God.

#41 May the good Lord and all His holy angels bless you every day of the life you live. My prayer is that we all remember the priceless gift of time that God gives us to serve Him and His Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Other Birthday Blessings

#42 O Glorious God, build my confidence in you. Let me not have to ever worry about my own confidence, so that I can seek you and your wisdom in everything I do. Amen.

#43 Dear Lord, please bless this birthday. Provide me opportunities to use this day of being in the spotlight to shine your light instead, Amen.

Personal Birthday Prayers to Use on Social Media

One great thing about social media is that it is a great way to bring the glory of God in a way that the world can see. No longer do we physically have to go to the ends of the earth to tell people about Jesus- we can do it from behind a keyboard! How amazing is that? Using your birthday is a great way to remind people of the goodness of God. Here are some prayers that you can share on your Facebook page or other social media.

#44 As I think about my birthday today, I am reminded of God’s mercy in my life and how it has gotten me to where I am now. Thank you, God for the gift of life! 

#45 It has given me so much joy to see the birthday wishes from you all today. Thank you for helping make this day wonderful. Glory to God for another year!

#46 Thank you for the lots of love on this day. It reflects God’s love. I am a better person because you all are in my life. May God make this a great year where I continue to find true happiness that comes from knowing where my eternal life is set. Amen.

#47 Whether we cross paths in the physical world or only in the social world, I appreciate the much love you share. Thank you for the special blessings you have shared with me on this big day. May you all have a wonderful day because this is another day that the Lord has made!

#48 On this day of my birthday celebration, your birthday messages reminded me how glorious God is to give me such true friends in my life. Thank you for the good wishes sent my way. May I use this year to reveal God’s divine presence in our lives with my actions, Amen.

#49There is nothing like a birthday to remind me of the wonderful people in my life. May the favor of God be with you all on this important day, and may God’s mercies be evident today. In his Holy name, Amen.

#50 Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes. May God multiply the blessings in your life!

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for “a birthday prayer for me,” we hope that some of these answers helped. If they didn’t, use our contact form to let us know what other information would help you best when creating personal birthday prayers for yourself. 

My biggest prayer is that these prayers are not just for your birthday, but for all the days of your life. May the desires of your heart align with all the wonderful things about the goodness of God. May we all have everlasting love through Christ Jesus.

A very happy birthday to you! May the love of God be sweeter today than any birthday cake!

birthday prayer for me

Other Birthday Prayers


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Thank you for your beautiful words of comfort and cheer and confidence - showing us all the way back to the TRUTH AND LIGHT AND THE WAY.

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