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March 23 Prayer (What Are We Doing With God’s Trust?)

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Are you looking for a March 23 prayer to read and reflect on? We provide a guiding Bible verse, prayer questions, and example prayer for the day below.

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Find the Prayers for March and Bible reading plan for March here. The month’s theme is TRUST.

Bible verse for March 23

“I have much to say in judgment of you. But he who sent me is trustworthy, and what I have heard from him I tell the world.” (John 8:26)

Prayer Reflections for March 23

It was some type of bring-your-parent-day at the preschool, and I couldn’t have been more excited. 
I had always wanted to be a fly on the wall for even 5 minutes in a preschool classroom. I couldn’t even imagine the funny things that came out of kids’ mouths or the stories I would go home with.
And don’t get me wrong- kids are amazing and cute and hilarious, all wrapped into one- but what I met instead that day was not cute stories.
It was utter chaos in that preschool room.
I heard the preschool teacher use the phrase “Remember what I told you about ___________” more times than I could count. My anxiety was building up, I couldn’t even fathom how calm the teacher remained and she reminded them again and again the rules of the classroom.
Let’s face it: teachers are saints. 
I asked my son after if he liked preschool and he said “yeah, but my teacher repeats herself a lot.” I asked him it if had to do with kids not listening, and this sweet little soul had no idea what I was talking about. In his head, everything was fine and normal, and it was the teacher that wasn’t getting it. 
I think about that day being in the classroom and talking to my son when reading the passage above. The whole passage is John 8:21-30. In this part of John, it says things such as “Once more Jesus said to them” (the Pharisees), and “Just as I have been telling you from the beginning.” Jesus is telling them the same exact thing He has told them from the start: what He says is trustworthy because it comes straight from God. 
We may read the Bible a lot. We may even pray every day. But are we completely trusting Him with His promises? God could tell us again and again, just like a preschool teacher. He could give us every sign outside of His Word as well. And some of us still may struggle to trust Him. 
Which is okay. We are human. 
But I want us to think back to times in our personal lives when God has shown us that we can put our trust in Him. Write them down if you need to and stick them somewhere. Because God’s promises don’t waiver, it is our emotions that do. 
  1. What is one thing you can do today with God’s trust?

Prayer for March 23

Dear God, Your promises are true and they never waiver. Help me to set my emotions aside when it comes to trust and instead rest in the fact that you do not change. Amen.


Resource of the Day

40 Days Through the Bible that you’ll never forget.

If you want to dive into reading the Bible, this book is a great resource!



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