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January 28 Prayer

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Here is a powerful January 28 prayer to read and reflect on now, or save for later.

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Bible verse for January 28 Prayer

For the Lord your God will bless you, as he promised you, and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and you shall rule over many nations, but they shall not rule over you. (Deuteronomy 15:6)

Reflection of Deuteronomy 15:6

God’s intention is never to keep us where we are currently. He wants to bring us on a journey, even if we cannot understand what that journey is at the time.

In the Bible verse above, as with all Bible verses, there is some context around this. During the times in which Deuteronomy was written, there was a custom in Israel that all debts were forgiven every seventh year. And as it says a few verses before, it was “called the Lord’s release.” This was not a people-custom, but instead an order by God. He wanted the Jewish people to never be stuck in a situation, but have a chance for renewal.

However, just a few verses later in Deuteronomy 15:11, God says “for the poor will never cease from the land.”

God was continually giving blessings to the Jewish people. One of them was the forgiveness of debts every seventh year. However, this never stopped everyone from being completely poor. Was that because of God and His blessings? Not at all. Instead, it is what people chose to do with those blessings.

Questions for your January 28 Prayer

1. If someone had to examine first all the blessings you have received, and second what you are doing with those blessings, what would that look like?

2. How can you make sure the blessings you receive from God are meeting their truest potential?

January 28 Prayer

Dear God, Thank you for the blessings you always provide. May I recognize the blessings, appreciate them, and use them to multiply blessings to make sure I am doing my part to bring your kingdom here to earth. Amen.

January 28 prayer

Resource of the Day

When Love Isn’t Love is a story about heartbreak, resilience, triumph, and the undeniable power of faith. Upon graduation from college, Lisa appears to be ready to conquer the world. However, moving away from her college friends and lack of self-confidence, she finds herself in a toxic relationship. Ignoring the red flags in pursuit of her desire for love, she is wooed away into a toxic marriage. Feeling trapped, with no way out, she becomes hopeless. Then God opens up a way of escape. Will she make it out in time?



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