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Powerful [& Biblical] Prayers to Start a New Week

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If you are looking for prayers to start a new week, there is something you need to consider first…

The night before the start of a new week, I do something called a “brain dump.” 

A brain dump is where I write down every single thing that is in my head that I need to do. I don’t worry about organization or anything of that sort; the sole purpose is to get it all out of my head and onto paper. And then I’ll organize it by “most important”, “important”, and “least important.”

Ever since I started doing this, it has helped me sort out my thoughts and make sure I have the right priorities before the week even begins.

One day as I was doing this, I couldn’t help but wonder: what would my life would be like if I did this with prayers to start a new week?

So I started this process with prayers. And at the risk of sounding cliche, the results were life-changing.


The importance of starting with prayers for a new week:

 Just as I had laid out everything that I thought I needed to get done and then determine the priorities, it can be super helpful to lay out everything that is on our heart and then let God decide the priorities. If we only pray about what we think it is important, it does not give room for God to guide our hearts and our minds.

James 4:3 NIV says: “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”

If we pray for only what we see as a priority, we may pray for the entire week with all the wrong motives. That is why I love dumping everything on my heart and mind for the week before praying for the week. This is our way of bringing everything to God and casting our cares on Him (Psalm 55:22).

When we offer prayers for a new week, we may also want to consider:

  •  specific prayers for various aspects of the new week
  • encouraging a habit of consistent prayer
  • fostering a deeper connection with God throughout the week. So let’s get started on some sample prayers to start a new week the way that honors God by seeking what He wants instead of us.

Morning prayers for a fresh start to the week

Prayer of Thanksgiving for a New Week

Praying a prayer of thanksgiving, no matter what is going on in life, is a way to show gratitude to God for a new week and new opportunities that we don’t even know of yet. 

In the Psalms, Psalmists often praise God for saving them even when it has not happened yet. This is true faith in God. 

Expressing gratitude can also thank God for any rest that happened over the weekend and to start off the week right. 

Here is an example prayer to pray:

Dear Lord, I want to start today with a prayer of gratitude. This is not just a new day but a new week. Thank you for the rest that you provided; may it multiply so I can find pockets of rhythm in rest in You throughout the week, no matter what it brings. Thank you for your unfailing love. Help me to be so thankful for You that I cannot help but share Your love everywhere. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Powerful Prayers for Guidance

If we are creating prayers to start a new week, it would only be wise to ask God for wisdom in decision-making. Doing this would make sure that are seeking God’s direction in daily tasks and activities. 

Here are two sample prayers for guidance:

Dear Heavenly Father, during this prayer time, I want to remember the power of prayer and just how much You can guide me. Please allow me to seek Your direction instead of mine in all daily tasks and activities. In the power of Your Holy Name, Amen.

Father God, thank you for the gift of life and guiding me every step of the way. Please help me to put You first in everything I do. May everything, even the mundane and trivial, glorify You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Strength and Energy

Our hope comes from God and our strength comes from Him. Something is to be said though if we trust in His strength instead of ours. Praying for physical and mental strength to face the week is a great prayer. Here is an example prayer:

Dear God, my prayer request is this: please provide me with renewal and revitalization to do Your work. Whenever I find myself weak, provide me reminders to ask You for your strength instead of my own. I do not ask for plethora, but simply for Your daily bread. In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Protection

Among many prayers to start a new week, praying God’s protection over oneself and loved ones is essential. Praying for safety in travel and daily activities can remind us that everything lays in His hands. A great prayer you can use to guide you is this:

Lord, I seek you at the beginning of this week to ask for Your protection. I pray this not only over myself, but over my loved ones, both family and friends. May you provide a hedge of protection over everyone I love as they travel to and from activities. Please help us to never take for granted each day that You keep us safe. Amen.

prayers for the start of a new week- prayer of protection


Reminder: All of these prayers to start a new week are to help guide you in the beginning of prayer. Prayer is essential for such a deep and personal connection to God. Please use these to start your conversations with God, and then pray how He leads. Do not let our prayers be the only prayers you pray.

Prayers for work and productivity

Asking for a clear mind and focused attention means that we do not take for granted anything that God has provided to us. It means that we are seeking to prioritize tasks according to God’s will. Here is an example prayer:

Lord Jesus, Please allow my thoughts of focus and clarity not to simply be a Monday prayer but rather a prayer for a positive attitude for the entire week. I know only good things come from You, so help me to remember your constant presence in everything I do. Provide me inner peace which can only come from You and your divine plan. Amen.

Want to pray more for your work day?

Prayers for favor and success

Dear Lord, I come to you requesting Your favor in projects and tasks. Remove any part of it that is asking for favor for my success; instead, create in me a pure heart that wants favor in order to glorify You. May any success You provide be pointed back to You. In Your name, Amen.

Prayers for relationships at work

Dear Lord, I come to You today asking for harmonious and supportive relationships. I know that not every relationship can be perfect, but I pray for amicability no matter what the work environment is like in this given week. Please provide me understanding with my colleagues, that I take nothing from last week and carry it into this week. Just like Your mercies are new every day, I ask that You give me the same patience and the same heart. Amen.

Prayers for family and home life

If we are covering the whole entire week with prayer, it would only make sense to ask for prayers for your family, for your children if you have any and your spouse if you have one. If you are planning on either and do not have them yet, you can start praying for the family that is yet to be.

Prayer for Family Unity

Dear Lord, I am asking for love, peace, and unity in the family. May we all approach this new week with a fresh set of eyes that are through Your lens instead of our own. Please create any time that we are granted together to be quality time. Help us to put away any distractions when we are having family time, so that our relationships may be strengthened. Amen.

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Prayer for Children and Parenting

Dear God, Thank you for providing me my children and/or my future children. You know my family inside and out, and You know well. I come to you seeking wisdom and patience in parenting. I come asking for general wisdom and guidance that You provide through the Holy Spirit and Your Word, but I also lay down specific prayers of what I am going through: [Insert specific requests here]. Continually teach me how to best pray for my children and my parenting. Please help them to grow and to grow in You, and provide them safety and faith in You alone. Amen.

Prayer for Spouses

Dear God, I thank you for the relationship You have given me, or the relationship that You will be giving me. I thank You for knowing each of us and knowing that we were supposed to be together to better glorify You. I pray for a strong and loving relationship, one that is full of mutual support and understanding, and one that reflects biblical values. Amen.

Prayers for Spiritual Growth

We want to make sure that our prayers to start a new week never become redundant or without meaning. Because of this, we want to make sure that we weekly (or even daily!) pray for spiritual growth.

Our walk with God should never look the same.

We should continually be growing in faith, which means constantly taking bold steps in faith and seeing how He meets us there.

Allow the following to be a guide on how to pray for spiritual growth to start each week with God and to make sure each week ends with God.

Prayer for a Deeper Relationship with God

Dear God Almighty, it is important that I constantly seek a deeper relationship with You. But that cannot be You alone, I need the works to back up my faith. However, I do not want it to be a stressor. Instead, please give me the vision to look at this week alone. In this week, please allow me whatever is needed for my relationship with You to deepen. Help me desire even more of a hunger for Your Word and for your Holy presence. Just as John the Baptist paved the way by telling everyone to repent and believe, I ask You to reveal in me anything I need to repent so I can hear You and see You better. Amen.

Prayer for Discernment

Almighty God, I want to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all decisions. Remove anything in me that is the enemy talking or my own desires talking. Give me amazing clarity in recognizing and distinguishing Your voice alone. Give me the desire to read Your word so that knowledge of discernment for Your voice strengthens. Make sure anything I say or do can be backed up by Your Word. Amen.

Prayer for Service and Ministry

Lord, It would not be wise for me to only ask things for myself for this week. Please provide me constant opportunities to serve others. Give me eyes and ears to see the need and to meet that need. Give me boldness in sharing faith and love, that we may see repentance and revival happen. And if I need to learn new skills in order to best serve others, provide me those skills. Amen. 

Prayer for Restful Sleep

Lord, we know that You made rest holy. Give me the constant reminder of how important it is to rest, not just on your Holy Day but in order to provide nourishment and strength to carry out Your work during the week. Encourage me to make healthy decisions, and to receive restful sleep. Provide peace and protection through the night. Please use that to give me a new beginning, loving hands, and a positive impact on the world in Your name. Amen.

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More than anything, I want these prayers to start a new week to be a way to remind us all to constantly be praying for the week ahead. May God give us divine intervention, right decisions, sound mind, and steadfast love.

And whenever you struggle with praying, a simple prayer to memorize can be this:

O Lord, Thank you for a wonderful day, thank you for being with me every step of the way. Thank you for listening to me and answering my prayers. Amen.

We pray a beautiful week ahead for You!



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