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February Blessings and Prayers

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Here is your February reading plan for February blessings and prayers! This month’s focus is resting in God’s love. 

Click below to grab the printable!


Daily February Prayers

February 1

February 1 Prayer (All Who Are Weary)

February 2 Prayer (Giving Thanks Always)

February 3 Prayer (A Time for Rest)

February 4 Prayer (that brings glory to God)

February 5 Prayer

February 6 Prayer

February 7 Prayer (Holy Spirit, Rest on us!)

February 8 Prayer

February 9 Prayer

February 10 Prayer

February 11 Prayer

February 12 Prayer

February 13 Prayer

February 14 Prayer: Valentine’s Day Prayers

February 15 Prayer

February 16 prayer

February 17 Prayer

February 18 Prayer

February 19 Prayer

February 20 Prayer

February 21 Prayer

February 22 Prayer

February 24 Prayer (Resting in God’s Presence)

February 25 Prayer

February 26 Prayer- Prayer For Tough Decisions

Throw it To God: A February 27 Prayer

February 28 Prayer


We will be updating this every day in February!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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